The Soul of America: New Beginnings 34


To Make This Bridge it is Necessary to BE THE BRIDGE

Last week’s entry, “Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul” was a turning point for this blog. The silence of
response was amazing: NONE. There were two comments, one concerned only with the last sentence, and
the other, a private email that indicated a very full understanding of the entry — because he did the work. Here lies the point where the blog changes, and I’m wondering what to do. I am not in the least bit upset with the ‘no response’, but am very interested in what to do from this point on — where more and more will be required of readers. So, let’s try to address this concern and see if it comes to some form of resolution.

The attempt of the blog entry was to begin bridging the Indigenous soul of this land with the deepest level of consciousness that it is possible to go into now — the latter almost always occurring through some kind of meditative-contemplative work — or results from undergoing some event that brings about humility  and vulnerability, and/or requires sacrifice and suffering  – not sought, but noticed.  Bridging-consciousness requires more than ‘thinking about’ how to re-enter collective soul life; it requires becoming the bridge. 

The entry opened into the WORK of seeing that the Indigenous Soul has not gone anywhere.  She is here as She always has been — and can be revived, can be re-entered, and in doing so, the real destiny of this land of America could be taken up again — this is the land destined to become the place where the “New Heaven and New Earth” awakens, an awakening immediately understood everywhere. This is as yet far away, but spiritual work does not happen in the same timing as civilizational timing. 

This possibility, though, cannot happen from within the civilizational consciousness of the day. We live in a highly layered illusory consciousness and connecting with something of depth from within flat, literal, everyday consciousness is impossible. Writing of a depth nature cannot be taken for its content alone. The content is nothing more than the visible expression of something going on at a much deeper level, known either through immediate heart feeling or intuition. It would have done no good to say something like this — for a reader that either happens or it does not. The ‘nots’ win.

I am NOT the one bringing this possibility of America about. Not in any way. It is just impossible to believe that the Original people of this land were here, for a while, to be wiped out and replaced by voracious land grabbers and developers for the purpose of fulfilling greed until destructive consciousness, starting here, spreads throughout the world until Earth must balance herself in such a violent manner that humanity will not live through the rebalancing. 

And, in spite of being a long-lived fantasy, we may have adopted being ‘western culture,’ originating in Greece, but that is not the true culture of this land. We have benefitted much from that adoption, but that culture went awry too — after Empedocles and Parmenides when it was stripped of its imaginal nature and became the logic and rational process of logic — culminating now in cyber-logic, which may be the end of humanity.

The blog began making the bridge between the Indigenous soul of this land and the present time. The open secret of such a bridge is that we have to BE THE BRIDGE, something quite different than knowing about it.

The Original TRI-UNITY of the Indigenous Soul was presented in three forms. To have any feeling at all of what was being said required the relatively simple act of placing attention into the center of each of the TRI-UNITY triangles — and noticing what happens inwardly, though that does require a minimum capacity of an awake inner life– the capacity for inwardly ‘seeing/hearing’, which is not a major capacity. And, while I asked, with the presentation of each triangle, that the reader make such an inward triangle and try to feel the wholeness of the three terms of each triangle — either that was so profound that every reader is still completely overwhelmed — or, more likely, the information alone makes no sense, or the triangles were ‘thought about’, which does nothing. 

There is certainly no lack of information in the present age of information. You can find, for each of the blogs, dozens who say such things on a website,a blog, or a video that supports the informational content of this entry and every entry — but, the moment something beyond taking in the information is required, the now completely installed LAZINESS of consciousness immediately and inevitably simply gives up, feeling that it is not possible to understand what in the world is trying to be stated.

It would be fine to just go on — except that when something to be worked with is not worked with, it adds, alas, to the dire condition that it is attempting to remedy. So, this concern is where my responsibility enters. 

my suggestion is to password protect the blogs, still announce them on facebook, but anyone wanting to work with them would email me with a request for the password. Once a person has the password, it will continue to work for subsequent blogs. From there, I’ll compile a list of the people requesting the password and after a time, if the list gets to the size of a group, I’ll suggest setting up a closed facebook group where more conversation can take place. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Let’s consider this option — and probably in the next blog I’ll ask for interested people to email me and I will send a password for entry into further blogs.