The Soul of America: A New Beginning 

The Necessary Prerequisite

What constitutes a spirituality of these times? This question does not require feeling that all previous ways of spiritual practice are passé. The question only requires seeing that we have to respond, always, to the present, from the present, which requires, of course, being present. So, the most encompassing of spiritual work is that of being present. The rest follows.

What are these times? How are you these times? How can you know the truth of these times?

We are at the end of time, for we may die at any moment. This is a simple truth, not imposed on us from anywhere. It is a first realization of being present.

The time is now, and we must face ‘now’. We must, first, relinquish looking to a future that does not exist. Truth is now. If we have any hope, we are not being ‘now’, are we? But, if we have no hope, we are also not being ‘now’. The times call for being now. That is why, in America, we are having trouble thinking that ‘tomorrow will be better’, and we also feel, ‘the past is gone.’ It is the times.

Can we stand the times? If not, someone will propose a belief, to be followed, to gather followers who are not able to be here now. But, the truth is now. The times are announcing that it is now time to stop living in the past or in the future.

We are being instructed, simply by the times, to give up seeking some improvement – in ourselves, and also give up the collective notions of this country – to grow, to look forward to a ‘brighter future’, to keep expanding, to keep having, to keep insanely destroying. Looking forward to ‘improvement’ prevents us from being the truth now.

How, then to do this, to open to the depth of now? It is a matter of meeting the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’, He, She, It, is always present and becomes very present at end times. What is this? Not according to some esoteric tradition; what is this in you, how do you notice its presence.

The Guardian of the Threshold is the sum total of our lives. Being present is being present to the sum total of our lives. That is what is meant to be at an end. This is the truth of our times. This truth could not be grasped earlier. If we do not grasp it now, it will continue to occur as if everything is falling apart. And that illusion will be used to govern and manipulate us. And keep us from living within the Soul of America. The Soul of America surely differs from what we may be tempted to think. The only ones present with America’s true present are those who were here before the Spanish, and before the Puritans.

God, truth, beauty, love, peace, wonder….these are not lost, it is only that we have not learned to be present because we have all ‘bought’ into the false notion that these are all to be attained – in the future, either, and, an inner future, called a ‘spiritual path’, or an outer future, presently called, “make America great again”.

The brain cannot find the truth. It can have moments of clarity – through a spiritual path, through some kind of therapy. Clarity because you have introduced yourself to the brain; so there are moments of clarity. You are purer, but not able to be responsible for yourself. The impurity is thinking you can be better. You cannot improve yourself; you can only be responsible for yourself. Everything is pure now.

The only thing you can be saved from — the wanting. Wanting to be saved is the problem, the first problem. The second one consists of trying to do it