The Guardian of the Threshold – or – When heaven comes nearer, all hell breaks loose

The Guardian of the Threshold — an old esoteric term – and a reality. It’s something that stands at the entrance to what is termed the higher state; you cannot pass into the higher state until you face me. The ‘me’ is ourselves in our totality.

Everyone who is going to move into higher planes of consciousness must meet the guardian of the threshold. This needs to be explained. There is no higher consciousness ‘tomorrow’. – makes us depend on hope, fate, the future.

Where is the guardian of the threshold; if it is truth, it has to be now. Where is it in your life – now. Where is He, she, it?

The Guardian of the Threshold represents the sum total of your entire existence. It is an entity – for the sum total….of all your past, that is you. A very vital entity, for it is you, now.

You are not connected to the full vitality of it because you believe in the future. It is only your belief in the future that cuts you off from all the past that exists in you NOW.

If you could experience that, you would have access to all the secrets of all the mysteries…they are now.

I am who am this body, but we are talking about the I who am forever. I am the guardian of the threshold between the two, where the two become the one.

Where is this guardian. We are facing it all the time. It is your life as it is now – deeper than the life we rationalize about, much, much deeper.

It has been made into something ‘esoteric’, something available only to one who has access to mysteries. That is not true. It is facing you, now, facing your life as it is now. Between the looker and what we see lies the infinite void, a vacuum. Only one thing can fill this vacuum so you can see yourself as you are, and that is love. Seen through the void, we see only what we fear as we see ourselves on the other side. Love will draw all of that to itself. But for love to be within the void, we must become no-thing.

Do you have any problems in your life? Then you are facing the guardian. The Guardian appears as your problems. Those problems are what you have not faced, and who says ‘”face me now”’. When you see me, you see the higher knowledge, you see the truth, the truth sets you free.

Do you have a problem in your life? What is that problem? It is you that you have not been facing. Problems have to be faced practically – not thought about, do something now.

Quit all unhappiness or surrender to it – rather than put up with the problem in your life.

We are here to be free of unhappiness – we are here to face the guardian of the threshold.

Stop thinking and wondering what you will do. The problem, the recurring problem, what is it? It is what you will not face. Face your life now – stop thinking or wondering what you will do. What is the area of your life where you are unhappy.

If you want a future, you cannot be free. Nothing we do to try and solve our problems frees us from them. They only shift them around. Away. No one will come and save you. You have to free yourself; otherwise, the problems will recur, perhaps in another form.

Time. What is time? All religions and teachings are about time; past and future. Guardian of the future – time’s up, face me now. The total product of all the time within you. Time’s up. Have you gotten rid of the only- human in you, the only- mortal in you? Have you gone deeply enough to make consciousness total and whole.? Be present and responsible for existence as now.

When self-presence begins, then we are ready to face the unknown Soul of America. It is a difficult story, for here, now, America faces a Guardian of the Threshold. Holy Death and the Soul of America. America, since the Spaniards and still now, even more so now, the soul has been sidetracked by making an abstract split between death and life, and thus we are completely unnatural. Why has this happened? Did America lose soul before it had the opportunity to feel what it is to be of this land?