The Soul of America: New Beginnings – 4 – Connecting

‘Hearing’ what you are reading in the installments of this blog as if it were speaking rather than writing helps take you into the image rather than remaining ‘usual-cognitive’. With the ‘usual-cognitive’, we understand what we already know and when something comes along that seems strange, not capable being understood as information, there is a tendency to just shut it off, stop reading, make a judgment.

A first orientation toward seeking the Soul of America:

Human beings are a subset of the living organism of Earth.

Let this be an inner picture. Keep it is a mantra. Return to it. Say it before you go to sleep. Let it be the first thing you think in the morning.

This epigram speaks an immediate reality. No theory here, no opinion, the epigram speaks a primordial reality. The Indians lived this reality and were/are one with the Soul of this land, are one with the Soul of America – before it was called America. We have to go here, try to follow its resonance deeper and deeper and deeper if we are to come to how this reality can speak now. The epigram originates from the soul of this place.

What do I want for the Soul of America? Ask yourself this question by saying the question gesturally; that is, speak it with your lips, through your body, not from within the ‘floaty’ mind.

And let the answer come in the same way.

Then, remove the words, remove the content of what you said. What is felt? What do you bodily feel? Not what do you feel about what you said. What is the bodily feeling of what you said? This feeling is the very presence of what you are asking. It is already happening – you could not have spoken what you spoke without it already happening – in the deep realm of the bodily will (not ego-will, but will as the deepest reality of embodied spirit).

What you feel, as already happening, though it is without form until you speak, when you do speak and it becomes form, it is immediately usurped by the mind and then you think about it, register it, judge it, dismiss it, go on to the next thing to think about. The presence of the reality is lost.

Returning what you said to the originating bodily feeling source, feeling what that is like, means that what you are feeling will inevitably happen in form, happen in the world. It is impossible for it not to happen. You have touched into the Soul of America, into the myth of America. The true definition of myth is –“myth is something that never happened but is always happening.”

The feeling and only the feeling is real. The content is not. If you hold to this feeling, it will inevitably come to outer expression.

Did you say something like – “I want peace in the world, a sense of feeling connected with others, with Earth, harmony, being able to really be both individual and communal simultaneously, to be in my life, freedom with responsibility. I want to be in a safe place, safe for those I love.”

Whatever you said, the feeling-presence that originated the speaking is the living presence of the Soul of America. What is spoken, as an idea is in the realm of opinion. What the body originates does so in unity with Earth, for we are of the Earth. Put aside for awhile your notions of where you come from and be with the reality. Put aside, for the moment, your religion, your spiritual orientation, what you have come to adhere to. It will not go away; it will become earthed.

It may well be we have to go the long route, for, mostly, we are not present anymore with the immediacy of bodily feeling. I hope you can be present to the lovely resonance of the feeling-origin of what you said. Such presence will help immensely in retrieving the Soul of America.