Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul

The indigenous soul lives within and as a dimension of the TRI-UNITY of Heaven (Father Sky), Earth (Mother Earth), and Human (the Two-Leggeds). This Tri-Unity is not ‘top-down’, but Whole – never one without the other two.

Imagine a triangle with one side being SKY, the other side being HUMANS and the bottom of the Triangle of unity being EARTH.

That time, because we think linearly, was long ago and concerns another people – we think. How oblivious we are to now being heavily psychically ‘layered’; the top layer being the matrix of digitalization of the world; a next layer being the stupidity of rationality and its accompanying logic – the questionable gift of Aristotle (leading to ‘science’ and ‘technology’ as god), which reveals the third layer, the false notion that our (western) heritage begins with the Greeks – which can we believe only in light of eradicating of what was here – but the soul of it cannot be eradicated. And then, the fourth, most recent layer, the ‘me-me’ of a false individualism.

We remain far, far — very far, from being HERE as we are layered over by the civilization that left culture long ago. So, there is nothing to ‘cultivate’, to turn-over as soil (read ‘soul’), nothing to renew, nothing of an organic nature in civilization.

We live in hell and are governed by the beings of hell.

The indigenous soul also lives within the MEANS of the original TRI-UNITY of Heaven, Earth, and Human. “Means”– the specific manner that forms a way of living the Tri-Unity. Imagine a second triangle with one side being SPIRITUALITY, the other side being  TECHNOLOGY and the bottom of the Triangle of unity being Earth-PRESENCE. This is the ‘earthology’ of the indigenous soul.

Nothing exists without all three- spirituality, technology, earth-presence happening as creating happening – not ‘happened’, but happening. These words – spirituality, technology, earth-presence are modern words, ahast! – civilizational words, but let’s see if we can witness ‘civilization’ undoing itself.

The Original people who are this land did not ‘have’ a spirituality; they lived as spiritual beings, soul beings, physical beings – and spiritual/soul beings included the Underworld. The Original people did all sorts of ‘technology’ (but not without simultaneously being spirituality and earth-presence)– rituals, dances, for example, to bring the rains – techne-ology – the ways of making. And they were ‘earth-present’, that is they did not ‘have’ earth-presence as one of the things they did – it is an aspect of the one-as-three.

The indigenous soul also lives within the METHOD – the ways of doing the TRI-UNITY as life. Method – the specific ways of doing according to the ‘means’ and the ‘vision’ – living harmoniously with the laws of vision and means.

Imagine a third triangle – with one side being CONCENTRATION, the second side being EXPANSION and the third side being BALANCE. Being fully soul present with everything. Concentration means being fully soul/sensory present within Earth. Expansion – times of ‘letting go’, being inwardly empty and thus within the fullness of everything and in rhythm with concentration –  Stillness in Motion. And balance – perfect rhythmic harmony of concentration-expansion.

This TRI-UNITY, given herein, alas, a very abstract manner but one which can be immediately felt — ‘Oh, yes!!” Immediately felt because these three ‘abstractions’ are also ‘codes’ for Heart Intelligence – the vision, the means and the method for living in harmony, living within the rhythms of the Whole, and living wholly receptively. And they are also, or can be incantatory — that is, once we see this Tri-Unity with the imagination of the heart, it begins to happen (again).

Who holds this vision, this means, this method together? The Elders. The Elders, however, are not the ‘old’ people, not literally. Anyone can be an Elder, under certain conditions, to be considered later. And we have no culture because there are no Elders, and thus there is nothing to hold it all together – a pretty good definition of hell! As these posts continue, ‘Earth-Eldering’ will be central as the new forming of new culture. 

A final vision – the ‘Triangle” – see it dimensionally, not flat; see it rotating, not static – Sky from the ‘Above’; Earth from the ‘Below’; “Here” as the being-created and creating middle.

The word ‘Indigenous”– two words here – “In” and “Degenous”. “In” signifies living ‘in-wardly’, living from within; everything as originating from within, and the ‘all-around’ , the land is also the ‘all within’. Civilization lives wholly from without – and from that ‘without’ – living only from the literalized senses, bolstering sense life with the cleverness of thinking that produces the layering – that’s living in hell.

The mystery word “Digenous” – means something like “Gendered”. To be opened up in a later post – the remarkable sense that all creating occurs from within and as gendered!  I will describe what ‘gendering-creating’ consists of in a later post.

The “Take-Away” from these considerations: “Take-Away” – a way of saying ‘what’s in it for me’.

The Indigenous soul knows nothing of ‘Take-Away”

Only Giving and Re-Giving Exists