More on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the New Earth


This overlay of Earth Geometry onto the image/icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe is from the remarkable work of Earth geometer, Peter Champoux ( It depicts another — or additional — reading of the appearance of Lady Guadalupe.

In the last blog, I spoke of Our Lady of Guadalupe as an appearance of Coatlique, the Earth Mother. Lady Guadalupe appeared at the exact place of an ancient site of the Earth Mother in Tepeyacac, Mexico.
This is a new revelation of Mother Earth, revealing the spiritual evolution of Mother Earth, one we are to connect with at this time of spiritual-Earth evolution. Contemplate these words in Peter Champoux’s description of the geometric patterns. These patterns are not arbitrary, but it would be too much to go into here. See Peter Champoux’s booklet, “The Ark of Antero: America’s Sacred Landscape”, which shows the exact region of the American landscape that reveals this vibratory pattern — an area from the Spanish Peaks in Southern Colorado (where the Spanish captured the Ute Original People and took them up the mountain and made them carry gold down and then slaughtered them). From the Spanish Peaks, the vibrancy of Lady Guadalupe extends north, past the San Luis Valley and Crestone, Colorado, where the largest aquifer in America lies, to Mount Antero. (I lived all last year near the Spanish Peaks and was born and grew up in that region, and returned after sixty years away).

Notice and perhaps contemplate these parts of the description written by Peter Champoux below the image above:

l. “There is a rising up of humanity.”
2. “being activated through the shining solar disk of her prayerful hands.”
3. “The Noblewoman dispenses her Grace to and draws the Earth to a higher level of being.”
4. “This icon heralds the arrival of the Sixth Sun, ( the next level of the arising of spiritual-Earth in Mayan Myth), the Sun of Flowers.”
5. “With spirit wings grounded in the mud (notice the angel, who is Michael, emerging from the Earth, who seems to
      support Lady Guadalupe), and her arms embracing this new sun, we connect heart to heart with the Great Mother.”

The three-dimensional depiction to the right of the image of Lady Guadalupe above best expresses the emerging of Lady Guadalupe from the Earth, with ascending Light, which burst forth from her hands, at the place of the heart as she looks down. Descending Light comes from the cosmic spirit realm above.

This new, emerging Spiritual-Earth requires our engagement to manifest. Its occurrence has happened, its manifestation has not — that is a long process and does not happen without our conscious participation. The manifestation was also greatly delayed by the capturing of this appearance by the Catholic Church, turning it, certainly into a reverence for Our Lady, but the Earth aspect was totally ignored. In the next blog I will show how evident the Earth connection is; indeed that it is a first showing of spiritual-Earth.

Why you might be wondering — if this emerging of the New Feminine Earth is now occurring, why
America seems to be in such bad shape, so removed from Earth, so caught in division, so caught in egotism, and in
such a difficult decline? Why can’t we notice what is happaning?  It is all ——

The Forces of Greed

Quiet, Silence, Stillness, Earth-Reverence
Required to embody and manifest the radiance of Spiritual-Earth