The Soul of America Enters the Underworld

I can now perhaps say just a bit concerning the unfolding of this work, to the extent I have a sense of it, though it is mostly unknown much in advance. I do want to work,
possibly in three installments, with the question of greed in America, and some imaginations of the soul-origin of this greed and its spirit-purpose, if we can meet it.

Then, due to the multiple perspectives of you, dear readers, I would like to try and offer a sense of the intertwining of soul-heart-spirit —what each perspective concerns and how they
relate with each other, and as well, what happens when one is separated from the other. The perspective offered in all these blogs centers within the heart, and for very particular
reasons, not the least of which is the original people of this land were people of the heart. There are further reasons, to be indicated. However, all three perspectives must be occurring together if we are really ‘here’, fully. Then, we may be ready to begin to unfold the imagination of ceremony as healing for America.

 The Soul of America and the Underworld
Legend One

In the region of High Tor, New York, an actual place right outside of New York City, near the Tappen Zee bridge, the enactment of two legends of great importance to the Soul of America occurred. The first legend is dated very near the time of the birth of Jesus. The second legend is dated somewhere around the 17th century. Then, in much more recent times, an event occurred in New York City which is not a legend at all, but will be developed and spoken in relation to these two legends.

The first legend

When Jesus was born, the youngest of the three Magi, whose name was Amesis, looked into the eyes of this child and saw the possible future of the human being. He saw that Jesus was the bearer of what the human being could become, and he also saw how this unfolding could be thwarted.  He saw that it is possible that every human being could live in complete harmony with the earth and with the cosmos and with each other. This reality was inherent in the eyes of the child. And, Amesis saw that the future of the human being had to do with the destiny of the land of America.

Amesis came to what is now America, traveling by way of Alaska. He came to a region now known as High Tor, in New York, a place located right above what is now the Tappen Zee bridge, outside New York City. You can see Manhattan from this high place.

Amesis knew that the destiny of America involved soul’s encounter with the spirits of greed. The indigenous people of this region had ‘handled’ the presence of these beings by prisoning them deep within the earth.

Amesis came to this place where this imprisonment occurred. He knew that we would have to encounter these spirits, and hoped to transform them into spirits of good. He set up an altar and stayed there for a very long time. He married an Indian woman, and daily did rituals at this altar. One day, the spirits emerged, but were far, far more powerful than could be imagined, and could not be contained. A huge explosion occurred, creating the Hudson Valley and the Hudson River. The spirits of greed were released for the first time.

A hint of what we are now still required to confront within the soul can be heard in two images of the Hudson River and Valley. The Hudson river originates in a very small, very pristine lake high in the Adirondacks. The name of this lake is ‘Tear of the Cloud” lake. Then, the Hudson River itself is a huge estuary. This means that the salty water of the sea comes up the river to meet the tears coming down. The sea flows up as far as Troy, New York, a distance of 150 miles. We can imagine the Hudson as a river of tears – originating from the Tears of the highest cosmos and the deepest ocean. The soul of America as a place of lament, carrying the destiny of America as that of encountering greed, seeing and feeling it within, and undergoing a long but clear emotional initiation into grieving all that greed has and continues to wreak in the world. To find the destiny and the soul of America requires grieving the innumerable events that removed the original people who are the earth of this land and colonized them into people of shame that covered over our seeing and feeling shame. (There are actually two people who are the land that is America – the Native Americans — and the Black people — each in different ways. More on this later.)

We can begin to discern the soul-purpose of America — that of the humble nature of seeing those, our brothers and sisters, who are in need and offering service in humility and a sense of our lostness. In so doing we would discover that the feeling element of the heart, that which makes humans aware of being human is grief. Grief is what makes us truly human. That is the gift America has to offer, not just here, but everywhere.

A second hint concerning what we are required to confront, both individually as living in America, and that also concerns the land of America — the destiny of America concerns encountering greed
and finding the way through it. You can look through each of the previous blogs and read them as the unfolding of the presence of greed occurring since the invasion of this land. Now, with this first legend,
we see the presence of greed as forces within the land itself meeting the greed of the conquerors, producing voracious greed. What is this about?

Then a third hint –we cannot enter grieving without first undergoing purification. Our work with the soul-pictures of what happened to the original people of this land is intended to open this purification process.

In 2014, Cheryl and I and members of the School of Spiritual Psychology went on a pilgrimage to High Tor, New York. We all climbed the considerable height of High Tor, and from there, in the far distance,
New York City appears. The vision of the city, though, was unique. It did not appear as “New York City — over there in the far distance”. Seeing the city in the distance was simultaneously felt as New
York City being exactly where we were all standing. The still-existing deep feeling-connection between Manhattan and this place of High Tor persists as if still calling us to the Soul of America.

Next time —
a second legend, and also the meaning of the word “Manhattan”. introducing the manner in which these two legends are manifesting.