Dear Friends,

The ongoing attempt to get at the essence of what has occurred at the soul level of America has no intent to excite anger or agitation, nor does it an attempt at producing guilt. It is more in the nature of an ‘anemesis’, the uncovering of forgetting. The attempt will open up ways to live, soulfully, in troubled times. More, the exposure of the pathology of so-called ‘rationality’ (different from true living thinking) as actually a kind of psychosis that has reduced the religious fullness of culture to the egotism of civilization, has become the ‘normal.’

1620 – The Puritan; The White Man

“The English Puritans were cold, grim, unsuccessful, discontented, and thwarted people, who had uprooted themselves from their motherland. To break from the past. To strike off the shackles that bound them. To escape everything that thwarted them. To get away! This was the dominating impulse driving them to a new continent to begin life anew under any conditions. That was the nemesis that pursued them, the psychosis that they carried with them. They were indeed Pilgrims.” (Frank Waters, Masked Gods: Navaho and Pueblo Ceremonialism, pg. 66)

  1. This statement reveals the essence of the soul of the Puritans, and, more so,

and much more rapidly, suppressed the soul of the land of America — as the

killing and ‘rounding up’ of Indians became ruthless – throughout the

land, and also brought the lie into prominence as the soul overlay of this land.

  1. With the Puritan, the archetypal image of violence becomes central.

The Puritan, in the excessive urge to get away, to find

a “New” Land – (America is anything but ‘New’), became deranged in

soul – Waters calls it a ‘psychosis’. The derangement, one that is still with

us, has become a central aspect of America – consists of the

inner stripping of the capacity to struggle, inwardly struggle, with the

many parts of oneself. We are clean and pure inwardly – there is only the ego; but consciousness does not consist of a singularity;

in soul, we are polytheistic.

The result of the psychosis of the Puritan psyche places violence as

a central aspect of the soul of America. Violence results from placing

all inner struggles within the inner parts, the multiple ‘personalities’ of

the depths of the psyche, outside — projecting the dark aspects of the soul onto others — throughout the world. What we cannot meet as the multiple parts of ourselves is put outside – disagreements,                             differences of race, of color, of tradition, of values, of culture, of religion,— all this is put outside as enemies to be fought against, to be dominated — violence is necessary in order to maintain the fantasy of                   a “New” land – as if it is our for the taking.

Eg. of the Lie — the Trail of Tears. The massive movement of thousands of Indians – The Confederacy of the United Five Nations established by the Iroquois 50 years before the Pilgrims landed. The                            Mowhawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cayuga.

Later, when the U.S. was a confederacy of thirteen English colonies came into conflict – for the US, this was an opposing force – they began a process of complete extermination. Benjamin Franklin, for                       example, wrote…that it was ‘the design of Providence to extirpate those savages in order to make room for the cultivators of the earth”

The Cherokee nation was the largest of the Iroquoian tribes. In 1828, gold was discovered on their land – Georgia, NC, Tenn. , where the tribes had been confined.

A fictional treaty was enforced whereby the Cherokee agreed to give up 7 million acres for $4,500,000. They were then removed – 17,000 of them, the Trail of Tears. Four thousand died – on the way to                        Oklahoma. The financial costs of their removal was charged against the funds accredited to them from the sale of their homeland.

What we must work with ‘within’ — – the ‘soul of America

  1. The Violent Soul
  2. The monotheistic, apocalyptic soul
  3. The lying soul

All now, as qualities of the soul of America.

We must be able to do this with complete neutrality; guilt would produce something false; reaction would play into violence; approaching clearing spiritually – would play into the previous pathology of splitting the           material from the spiritual – making the ‘spiritual’ something done individually, alone, inwardly, disembodied.

To summarize – The Heart of America was torn out (the effect of the Conquistadors)

The alchemical transformation of the soul and heart Became literalized as the desire for gold

Democracy has the unhealed wound of lying, forgetting we are lying, lying now taken to be the truth for the sake of material gain

The incapacity of meeting our inner multiplicity results in a centrality of violence in the soul of America

America is changed from a place – a sacred place where harmony of human with earth ritually takes place, to Time, the apocalyptic future.

These qualities are the soul qualities that we see enacted every day; they now lie deep within the American Soul. They are seen as ‘problems’. Each “problem”, though, contains a secret.

—– to be explored.