The Open Way

The Phrase “The Open Way” refers to several senses of a contemplative effort toward the opening of the heart. The phrase, first, intends to honor the diverse sources of this work — Phenomenological and Existential psychology, Depth Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Therapeutic Psychology, the Mystical Tradition, Anthroposophy, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. These sources do not result in an eclectic gathering but are sources of inspiration for the original development of The Open Way.

The phrase also resonates with the great work of a spiritual path, that is, it is a way of soul/spirit development, one that relishes the fullness of bodily being, depth, longing, and the beauty of the earth, which are never separated from the permeation of invisible beings. Darkness, too, is honored and is not approached in order to try to cure, heal, or remove it because it can be uncomfortable. Rather, spiritual attention, when poured into our darknesses, illuminates its full purpose in our lives, thus alleviating suffering due to the absence of this kind of illumination.

Then, Open Way also refers to the method of engagement with those who participate in this effort — in classes, groups, individual spiritual therapeutics, and seminars and online courses. All that is offered, is not offered as a dogmatic approach. While many practices are suggested, they all fully respect and honor the individuality of soul and spirit, seek communal conversations occurring in many ways, and seek to open into daily life. And, Open, means that this ‘way’ is ‘no way’, is ‘every way’. It is no-thing, but an enlivening of every aspect of life, of whatever spiritual or religious tradition one might belong to, of practical life, of bodily, senory presence, and of the vivid presence of the soul/spirit Being of Earth.

The Open Way unites in intricate flow, the outer world, that on its own is chaotic and materialistic speed, the mid-world of soul who holds the memory of the past-as-image, and the center, the “I”, the infinite moment. The Open Way is perhaps a modern re-finding of the Druid imagination.

Mt. Etna, active