Robert Sardello

Spiritual Psychology, Heartfulness

Soul Direction, Spiritual-Earth Presence

“This earth is so certain of love that the sky bends unceasingly down to greet its own light.”


Spiritual Psychology

Robert Sardello

Spiritual Psychology, Soul Direction, Spiritual-Earth Contemplation



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The Soul of America: New Beginnings 29

                 (Anasazi Kiva, Bandalier National Monument, near Santa Fe, NM) Earth Creates Herself   In the last installment, I made this comment: "The separateness of Earth began codification with the astronomer Kepler -- who only 'scientised' what had already...

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The Soul of America: New Beginnings 26

Coatlique, Tonantzin, and Guadalupe The title of the last blog was "More on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the New Earth". This followed from the prior blog concerning Coatlique and Lady Guadalupe. Let's, in this blog, continue for a moment with this theme as it has to do...

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