Examples of Planned Online Courses from the Spiritual Psychology Archives

  1. Spiritual Psychology of Community: A Mindscapes short course Developed in collaboration with Nancy Margulies
  2. Caritas: Spiritual Care of Our Beloveds Who Have Died
  3. Twenty Practices for Developing Capacities of Sacred Service
  4. Experiential Spirituality
  5. Awakening the Spiritual Body: The Twelve Cell Salts
  6. Knowing Your Destiny
  7. Francis: Learning the Way of Emotion
  8. Spiritual Psychology of Forgiveness
  9. The Spiritual Design Project
  10. The Art of Spiritual Imagination
  11. Contemplations on the Twelve Stones of the Apocalypse: Presence with the Unknown Future
  12. Earthosophy: Sophia, The Three Mary’s, and Sophia of the Apocalypse:
  13. Inner Preparation for the Radical Receptivity of Earth Consciousness
  14. Sacred Service
  15. Know Thyself: The Way of Inner Stillness: 6 parts
  16. Christ and the Emerging Human-as-Healer
  17. Sacred Service
  18. Soul Activism
  19. Spirit Healing
  20. Spiritual Psychology of the Senses
  21. Spiritual Psychology of Embodiement

Examples of Planned Online Courses in Spiritual-Earth Presence

A. Orienting Online Courses: 1. The Divine Sensorium 2. Coming Home to Earth 3. The ‘spiritual inhabitants and creators’ of Earth-Presence B. The Open Way of Earth Presence 1. Individual Work in Heartfulness 2. Individual Work in Stillness 3. Individual Work Gestural Presencing 4. Individual Work in Earth-Healing 5. Individual Healing as Earth-Healing