Know Thyself:
Soul Direction
Through Silence, Heartfulness, Stillness, Earth-Presence, and “I” Awakening

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“I warn you, whoever you are, Oh! You who want to probe the arcana of nature, that if you do not find within yourself that which you are looking for, you shall not find it outside either! If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you pretend to find other excellencies? Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures! Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”
— Inscription on the frontispiece of the Temple of Apollo on Mount Parnassus, Greece, 2500 B.C.

WHAT IS IT: I help you enter into soul/spirit development that centers in the particularity of your BE-ing. How you develop spiritually, how you make an inner connection with the spirits, requires self-knowledge more than spiritual direction alone. People who have worked in this way have found whatever spiritual tradition they practice opens in-depth, awareness, and newness.

HOW WE PROCEED: In order to re-orient your fundamental being to interior guidance, we develop five tools of inner listening and seeing:

— Entering the Silence

— Entering Heart-Presence

— Entering Stillness

— Developing Spiritual-Earth Presence

— The Concentration/decentration Meditation for encountering the unmovable Stillness within everything of the world and Earth.

Each of these tools requires time and devoted daily practice, along with guidance. In one-on-one sessions, we do practices together with each of these tools. We carefully track your inner development and how inner development seamlessly coordinates with changes in your life, relationships, work, and spiritual ideals.


Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness by Robert Sardello

Heartfulness by Robert Sardello

The Art of Cultivating Spiritual Imagination (monograph) by Robert Sardello

A Soul Way of Forgiveness (monograph) by Robert Sardello

The Gospel of St. John as a Foundation of Spiritual Psychology (monography) by Robert Sardello

All books and monographs available from the books and monograph sections of this website (see top menu). 


We meet for an hour session once a week. Time is mutually worked out. In the session, after we have worked three or four sessions with the soul/spirit assessment, we will do practices of entering the Silence, for a time, then move into practices of Heartfulness and then into practices of the Stillness, and then bring these into a creative synthesis of Spiritual-Earth Presence, and culminate with a new form of meditation for encountering the Divine. Approximately half of the time of a session involves doing a contemplative practice and working with speaking that deepens. The rest of the session concerns therapeutic work with particular regions of your life in relation to spiritual development and self-knowledge.

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST: We meet once a week for 25 weeks. At the end of that time, it is possible to meet for a second 25 weeks of both of us feels that would be important to proceed with the development of Spiritual Therapeutics.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: The cost is $2250 for twenty-five one hour sessions.  We start, though by engaging in five sessions to see if we can work well together. This amount for the five sessions is paid at the beginning. If we mutually decide to continue, then the rest is due when these twenty sessions begin.

QUALIFICATIONS OF ROBERT SARDELLO, PH.D. Robert Sardello has been engaged in the research and practices of spiritual psychology since 1992 when he and Cheryl-Sanders Sardello began the School of Spiritual Psychology. Before that, he was Director of Studies at the Dallas Institute of Psychology, where he developed spiritual and cultural psychology. He was a licensed psychologist in private practice for over 15 years and co-director of a program in Spiritual Direction for the School of Spiritual Psychology. He has taught numerous courses in spiritual psychology and worked as an independent teacher in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Philippines, and Australia.

Robert is the author of eight books and eight monographs on the research and practices of a spiritually oriented psychology and teaches spiritual psychology at the Christine Center in Wisconsin, He sparingly accepts invitations to offer soul retreats in various locations. He works with individuals seeking help with spiritual concerns with the practices of spiritual therapeutics.

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Send a letter, accompanied with payment for five sessions ($450.00 — payment by check or credit card), telling of your interest in this work, some of your educational background, what form or forms of spirituality you practice, for how long, if you practice a religion, and which, what your religious interests and concerns are, whether you have been in psychotherapy, what kinds. If questions arise based upon your letter, I will contact you by email to set up a telephone conversation.

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$450.00 for the first five sessions.

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