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The last entry was a bit of a diversion, though a very necessary one. As long as we are not in connection with the ever-present deep grieving existing within the souls of this land, grief as a response to the genocide of some 75 million Original people of this land, a border exists between this world and the spiritual worlds – the spiritual worlds on one side, the earthly world on the other., an impermeable boundary kept in place by the presences of the un-grieved, souls motivated by the desire to return to earth.

” I consciously and intentionally made my life miserable, because I wanted God to be alive and free from the suffering man has put on him by loving his own reason more than God’s secret intentions….. Try to apply seriously what I have told you, not that you might escape suffering — nobody can escape it — but that you may avoid the worst — blind suffering”. C. G. Jung  — quoted by Peter Kingsley, Vol. II – Catafalque, pg. 48.

There is truth to such a division between the earthly world and the spiritual worlds, the division that “spiritual paths” assume, and religions, too. There is no attempt here to counter such a reality. But, ever since I can remember, I’ve searched for the link, what is the link?  The opening cannot be seen very clearly, nor entered very readily, though, as long as there are blocks that not only hold the boundary in place but make it seem that there is no link, only a boundary.

Very, very, very few people have the knowledge and the capacities to develop the ‘spiritual organs’ to move from this side of the boundary to the other while still living. Frankly, it seems impossible once the resonances of the spirit world no longer re-sound within, or cannot be heard within the earthly world. It is this resonance that we seek in these writings – a resonance lived by the Original people of this land. We cannot go back, but we can listen and develop ways of being in this resonance according to our time and circumstances.

After his visit to the Taos Pueblo, C.G Jung’s colleagues argued about whether the Original people there were “fully conscious and individuated” — Jung tired of the argument and said:

“Well, I don’t know about that. They may not be conscious but they hear the inner voice, they act on it, they do not go against it — that is what counts.” (quoted in Catafalque, Vol. II by Peter Kingsley, pg. 467)

Later, we will have to go on yet another slight diversion to speak of another block keeping a rigid separation between worlds that must be recognized – one that has arisen only since the 1950s – electronic technology. We will have to find the way through this block that not only keeps the earthly world separate from the spiritual worlds, it obliterates the memory and the reality of their even being spiritual worlds, the state of civilization at this time. What are the practical ways through this block?

We shall also have to go on a third slight diversion to speak of a block very intimately related to the two above. This block concerns the nature of the elemental beings of this land, the inherent guardians of this land and that some of these elemental beings are inherently oriented toward fostering greed. We will have to see that the people who came to this land were certainly motivated by greed, but they were also being attracted here by beings of greed.

The Original people of this land knew of these beings, and one of the great mysteries is how they were able to live without getting caught by impulses of greed. It is a most important question because there is an imagination involved that will make it possible for us, now, who are also subject to these elemental presences, to know of and to avoid becoming caught by these presences of greed that greatly, greatly enhance our inherent urgings toward greed. A hint. The rampant greed we see and experience these days is really not about money or even power. It is about control. More in future writings. 

But, for now, let’s work further on opening the border-resonance, tearing down the wall, because the wall not only keeps beings of great importance out, it also keeps us in, unable to see larger. This opening, always present, expresses as the RHYtHMS composing Earth and Cosmos, and everything too, of the human world; pure materialism becomes materialism by ignoring universal rhythms.

To say all of this in more immediate language,  the creator and creating forces, exist who are indeed completely independent of this world, usually called “God”. The earthly world seems to go on independently of this other world. The link –  is the rhythms characterizing EVERYTHING of Earth, the simultaneity of the presence of the spiritual worlds as ALSO within all of Earth, the visible expression of All. Creating forces, creating beings, pure STILLNESS, AND the presence of MOTION, characteristic of everything earthly – existing together as RHYTHM.

The “Force” of God (within and without), and the “Force” of Motion, WHEN they are in balance, results in the immediate bodily, sensory, perceptual, knowing this world as also spirit imbued throughout.

Think of the ongoing rhythms of Earth as analogous to a “teeter-totter”. There is the fulcrum, the point of constant Stillness along with the lever that moves rhythmically up and down. And there is the polarity of all MOTION, the movement of everything of Earth(even stones will wear away. – one tribe, for example, says that a stone takes one breath every day and the sun takes one breath every eleven months. Breathing is a primary example of Universal rhythm.) The lever moves up and down in rhythm because there is the constant still point of the fulcrum in unison with constant movement.

This analogy shows that the larger world of the unity of Spirit-Earth is being composed, continually, and everything of Earth consists of waveforms, and the world appears as it does – that is, as separated entities, because we are unaware of universal rhythm, which we can also call the Universal Heartbeat of Earth, which we can also call LOVE. We are unaware of Universal rhythm (which composes Earth, and also the Whole of the Cosmos) because, through our interventions, the Whole is out of balance – we do not experience Universal Rhythm, though we can, and we will work toward showing how that can easily happen. When rhythms are out of balance, connected ‘things’ do not seem connected at all, and when rhythms are excessively out of balance there is destruction, violence, fear, behind which are forces seeking control, now operating primarily through the medium of greed.

Just begin to notice, or imagine, some earthly things – like:

The rhythm of a seed of a tree and the tree – the Whole tree is contained with the seed as a point of concentration that unfolds as the expansion of the tree. Then, the tree ‘dies’. It actually does not die – earth, too, is immortal – and, of course, we also do not ‘die’. Within this rhythmic imagination, there is a constant process of concentration and expansion – the expansion is a period of rest before the movement back into concentration.


Imagine a spiral galaxy:

See here the simultaneity of the rhythm of condensation, the motion toward the center and the motion of expansion outward from the center.


the imprint of yourself as such rhythmic motion – in your fingerprint:’



the constant concentration-expansion movement of a labyrinth:



The Original people of this land lived constantly and awarefully within and as rhythms:Their dances were ways of speaking with Earth; for example the Deer Dance of the Pueblos, or, the Buffalo Dance, the Corn Dance….all dances speak the language of the rhythms of the presences of Earth with the Beings of Earth and the Being of Earth:



The Wave Rhythms of a Navaho Rug:



The simultaneous spiraling rhythm of concentration and expansion of a Chaco Canyon petroglyph showing the rhythmic union of the creation of Earth creatures and the Spirit-Creator.



The Soul of America: New Beginnings 39

The Soul of This Land

The Original people of this land lived within the ongoing act of all-creating, the continual, rhythmic, balanced interchange of giving and re-giving, with Earth as a spiritual place, the expression ( not the ‘expressed’ and certainly not the ‘excretion’) of Father Sky/Mother Earth — these people participated, with awareness, at a very high, spiritual level of instinctual existence.

The severing of creation from its ongoing spirit-source occurred long, long, long, long ago – at the end of the Egyptian times, pre-pyramidal times. The early Egyptians lived within the all-giving and re-giving of creating – until the desire for power entered. Greed did not enter the world until about the 25th century B.C. Since that time, the ascendency of technology of all types occurs accompanied by the decline of living intimately within the going act of creating happening. True, intimate living with everything as spirit presence by the indigenous soul never followed this path of decline. They never left the Wholeness of Cosmos, Earth, Nature, the Human Body, and intimate connections among People as Whole, as One, occurring simultaneously as multiplicity.

By intimately being within all creating happening, I mean living that does not become codified as ‘spirituality’, for ‘spirituality’, at least as we think of it, relies on a contrast with some form of so-called ‘evil’, or else is ‘floaty new age”, and also relies on the existence of fear, which it promises to heal. When we today imagine spirituality, it is in the context of being an answer to sin, division, opposition, greed, fear — fear of death, the fear of God, or punishment and guilt – or some form of wanting to be better, a confusion with truly knowing who we are… and all the rest. Love is given as the answer. But Love is already present – as the invisible/visible Everything, and requires only ‘being here’, with full awareness, not as observers of earth, but as earth-awareness. There is nothing to ‘recover’ because it did not go anywhere.


After the time of the early Egyptian spiritual culture and the rise of power, self-interest, and technology, a number of individual spiritual Masters appeared from time to time and lived and worked to bring re-balance — Confucius, Laotzu, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and others – all of them were born into descendant civilizations, and thus are “Masters of Recovery”. None of them, however, seem to have had Earth as a central concern, and their views are oriented solely to the human. There are no more than a handful of individuals of this kind, and several hundred individuals who have lived in deepest connection with creating and have sprinkled poetry, music, literature, painting, philosophy and other forms of inspired creation that still generate idealism, which more and more, though, has no place., for they are all usurped by entertainment or ‘culture’ as a particular form of commodity.

The contributions of these great souls are not here in question or doubt. Without them, we would not even have a memory of “Higher Worlds”. But, once they have lived and have spoken and their words recorded, their contributions easily become commoditized, encoded, and encased, and, in this time, when attended to without larger spiritual-Earth awareness, become precious more than living, with practices that do dip into the spiritual heights and do ameliorate, sometimes, our various individual and collective troublesome tendencies. Nearly all of them, however, neglect to speak of the spirit nature of Earth.

The modern and extremely simplistic way in which the assumed separation between the human and the rest of creation occurs is often spoken as …’change yourself first, and then you can go out and change the world.” The implied division is untrue.

The descent into mediocrity and worse continues and now complete separation from even ‘corrective spirituality’ is at hand with the result of the complete loss of even the memory of what culture means, and the rise of a completely decadent civilization. Life is now completely out of balance.

My intent was to begin developing a picture of the balancing process, not by doing What the Original people did/do, but doing AS they did/do, according, though, to present consciousness. We have not yet gotten to the specific ways in which this requires that we live in a meditative state while within full “day-consciousness.” We will get there in these writings. There is certainly no ‘appropriation’ of how the Original people lived and live; it is not a matter of taking what they gave for the purposes of our use. They were never possessive in the first place, though to take THEIR ways and try to apply them as they were, now, would indeed be to appropriate, that is, taking what they lived as if it were something that could be picked up and out of a mysterious whole, possessed and used. But, to be awakened by the living inspiration of the Original people, that is something completely different than taking and using.

Before we go further and deeper, however, it is necessary to be living as fully earthly-human as is possible, and what makes ‘human’ beings fully earthly-human is grief, the very deepest body/soul state of being.

This whole blog series began by speaking of the genocide of the Original people. I remember some of the comments… ‘sad’, ‘that is terrible’… and so on. As you who read these entries have let some if that enter and linger, however, you may, hopefully, have come into grief. Grief is a permanent state…not just a momentary reaction to death. If you feel grief, it is because it is inevitably already there, and, in large measure, the way we live in this civilization is a way of remaining unconscious of deep grieving.

At least 75 million Original people were slaughtered, and we have to ponder the spiritual result of this act which occurred over a period of 100 years, and especially ponder that our identity as ‘Americans’ is unavoidably that of being ‘genocidal’ beings and that we have not faced this in any way. We cannot dis-identify from what happened by thinking – well, that was those people who came from Spain or from England who were the perpetrators.

That we have not faced what we have done has the primary consequence that “America – the Land of Genocide”, not the land of “the free and the home of the brave” continues its tradition, now – and what we are now experiencing, everywhere — greed, self-interest, degradation of the land, devastation of all creatures, violence, terror, lying, racism, corporatism, politics, more and more and more technology that excludes any ongoing developing of soul capacities, is the act of Self-Genocide! How could it be otherwise?

How Self-Genocide works has been masterfully described by Martin Prechtel in “The Smell of Rain on Dust.” In Guatemala, where he lived with the indigenous people for many years, the living imagination of death there says that when someone dies, if they are not grieved, their soul cannot find its way to the heavens. Such souls then return and inhabit someone of the family, the most vulnerable soul. The result is that the person is ‘infected’ with the soul of the dead, and that soul voraciously seeks life, which cannot be found. This seeking shows as the one inhabited often becomes alcoholic, for example, for the dead are very attracted to the effects of alcohol. Or drugs, or violent behavior of every sort. And, when that person dies and is not grieved, then two souls return and inhabit a member of the family, and that spreads beyond the family, through the village, and eventually through the country. This process goes on and on, and it is easy to imagine it taking over a whole culture….such as ours.

When someone dies and is grieved, then that soul can enter into the spirit world. What do the spirits do “there” — not just relax and enjoy — but these spirits create the natural world!!!

Consider noticing the unnoticed grief that we each live, collective grief, more even than individual grief. Daily, or before sleep, let you consciousness release fully into your body –- a felt sense of grief awakens…and let that grief go toward all the Original people of this land – you will feel it, you will begin to even enter images of the actual genocide events. You will cry, seemingly endlessly. Because of the circumstances of being killed instantly, often without warning, men, women and children, many of the souls of these dead are hungry ghosts – through whom the Self-genocide of this land now occurring.

To attempt to go further into the presence of creating happening always, and the remarkable, amazing, astounding, true destiny of the human being to be awake, aware, and within ongoing creating without facing what we have done and enter grieving would be to introduce something unforgivable and untrue.












The Soul of America: New Beginnings 38


(Si Wa Wata Wi – A Zuni Elder)

When the Body is Whole we Live as Earth

The anonymous intention that has a hold of America is rapidly becoming clear. Loot the place, trash it, and get out of here – to Mars, probably. This seemingly utterly fantastic imagination can begin to happen in earnest within a few years!

If we feel totally repelled by the prospects, and that is a big ‘if’, for it may already be too late, spiritual-earth awakening seems crucial. It is not a matter of returning to the spiritual–earth, it is a matter of co-creating the always-intended future unfolding of this Beloved Being. 

Accompanying such awakening, and further ways of coming awake will be suggested later. Those suggestions bear no weight, however, without entering Spiritual Poverty (St. Francis) and Vulnerability.

Here is my story of falling. Maybe others will share stories:

The Necessity of Falling into Mystery 

The Zuni reservation experience

I visited the Zuni reservation, three hours Northwest of Albuquerque recently. When I drove into the village, I was appalled – a large ‘village’ of about 12,000 people – it is the largest of the Pueblos. The whole village consists of very modest, extremely modest houses, many of them, perhaps most of them, in need of a lot of repairs. There is no ‘center’ to the village. Upon entering, the village strikes one who lives within the consciousness of our civilization as a place of extreme poverty, and anger arises toward the government for the manner in which Indigenous people have been treated.

I went to a B&B. That night —-

A Dream:

“I am teaching a seminar/workshop. No sense in the dream of who is there – other than an attractive elderly lady. At one point in the workshop, I said something – not clear what – that disturbed the whole group. A clamor arose, so loud that we took a break to settle down.

The elderly lady and I take a walk and are talking about what happened; I was trying to understand what made people so upset. The lady seemed to be trying to also understand. Between us, it came, the reason – imagination! – some sort of images had entered the group, disturbing them. It was not any particular image, but imagination itself; and when introduced, the people could no longer understand… and the chaos of being thrown out of mental-ness expressed itself in the groupas rage.

Upon waking, the most vivid memory was of the ‘lady’ – she is very familiar, but no one that I recognize — tall, thin, grey hair, very active and very animated and completely engaged in the workshop.

This dream came while I was at the B&B at the Zuni reservation.

Upon coming more awake, I was feeling a disappointment with the place, Zuni, NM. The reservation seemed to be just a very, very poor town – no center, the houses are completely ‘American”, and are very poor, very run down, repaired with patching, in the dirt, no yards. The place felt like a whole village of very poor people.

But, upon waking, a very different sense came. My imagination ‘woke up here’. I suddenly “know” imagination.

Early in the morning, after spending the night at the B&B, at 6 a.m. – dressed and went for a walk. It had rained last night (It had also rained at home, Albuquerque, before I left to go to Zuni – just as I finished building the Medicine Wheel in the backyard.) Ah, renewal!

As I walked out onto the street, I saw two Native American men – walking, on the other side of the street, slightly behind me. They were somewhat disheveled, as if they had, maybe, been out all night. (A mental interpretation.) Felt a bit of fear, but also did not know how to talk with them, so I stayed on my side of the street. They got closer, but everything was fine. I was walking in the street and went to step up the curb onto the sidewalk. I slipped and I fell, hard. I laid there holding my arm, examining my elbow, feeling it may have broken. One of the men rushed over and gently helped me get up, and kept asking if I was alright. Then, he looked at me and said: “Old”. I said, “Yes, old age.” He said, “Still walkable.” He did so being fully here.

It was like my spirit speaking with me.

At that very moment, sensing and perception itself changed. I literally saw that this place was not poor at all. I was seeing it before only through my own ‘civilized’ eyes, a kind of comparison with the world I am from. This place, Zuni, is a community – with everything that entails – it is Whole. It is not an ideal place, but a real spiritual-earth place. Community is sensory, visible, tangible, not some abstract idea. It lives in and as the place itself.

I realized at that moment that Humility and Vulnerability are the primary pre-requisites for Elder-consciousness, and probably the reason we think of Elders as ‘old’ people. One does not have to be old, though, to enter elderhood; the primary requisite is humility and vulnerability as quite natural, like Earth Herself.

An aside: Before I left the village, I bought two Zuni fetishes from different folks who came up to me. One is a fetish ‘shrew’ – very unusual, have never seen before. He said it was an Underworld being, an animal that lives underground – he said, it helps things to grow. The other – a most unusual “corn Mother”; with a basket of corn in front of her and specks of turquoise – both the perfect image of the ‘real’, that is, imaginal, experience of this village. I knew that nothing that happens in that village is accidental.


Next Blog – All Earth Lives Eternally as Rhythm

The Soul of America: New Beginnings 35

(Hilma Af Klint – Altarpiece)


Indigenous Awareness Now. How?

(First, a short note concerning the posting of this blog. While some people suggested that it would be good to establish a closed group, I have decided to continue to announce the blog on facebook with the requirement of going to the blog of the website. There is a place on the blog for comments, and responses to comments can also be incorporated there. I encourage people NOT to comment on facebook as that leads to grunting. Still, there is importance in posting this level of writing on facebook as the vibration is then within the etheric wholeness, maybe bringing a slight balance. It does not take much. (If someone throws a baseball into the air, the whole cosmos immediately readjusts to come into balance with this ‘disturbance’ of the Whole. )

Awakening to the indigenous soul happens in the now rather than engaging in a fantasy of going back to the awareness of the Original people that are this land. The awakening concerns recovering a central vibration of the indigenous soul —  Elder Awareness – the particular kind needed in this time is EARTH ELDERING.

There are no elders any longer because they were eliminated with the Original people of this land; elderhood goes together with the indigenous soul — the capacity of Wisdom, of holding the past as present, and also the future as present, and taking up permanent residence within the center of the triangular creating vortexes developed in the earlier blog, and receiving the responsibility of holding the Whole together. 

Elders are not ‘the old people’. Age does not exist until the elders are excluded from culture; then culture begins the long process of descending into mere civilization — without the gods, without values, without inherent living morality, without the sense of the presence of the dead, the ancestors. Without these qualities, people who are more ready to accept the responsibility of elderhood, instead become the discards of civilization, or they try to continue as loyal consumers, living in ‘old age’ homes, something like living on a perpetual cruise ship; or, more commonly, like those who have been stripped of consumerhood and live destitute.

Without elderhood, a very particular kind of bodily presence of the spirits, human experience, is founded on three levels of, let us call it ‘vibration’:

Bodily oriented will which inwardly lives as the impulse of survival, and fear as primary (what is being enacted in the world now), and power as the way of surviving, individual and group ‘me-me’ power. 

The second orientation is physically oriented creation – experienced narrowly as the sexual impulse, more widely as creating material things and feeding them with more material things, motivated by unconscious sexual desire.

The third orientation is relating, accompanied by the urge toward possession. Religions try to work with this state, teaching, in various forms ‘let go and let God’ —  institutional religion has become  governed by this level of relating — and so seeks to control others through the power of providing paradoxical images of showing the way out of this quite narrow existence — a way out that is not really a way out; let’s call it faith or belief in a way out, utilizing documents, which if understood and truely lived are a way, not out, but through, revealing that the ‘promised land’ is already here. Where is here? Where the Original people of this land lived. (I don’t mean New Mexico, though I do love it here as there is, unlike LA, here here); it is an imaginal ‘here’; that is, where you are, but soul-felt and expressed.

The Wholeness of consciousness was/is lived by the Original people — at the vibration of instinctual awareness. However, I am not going to fall into the trap here of talking about levels of consciousness and its attendant error of placing instinctual consciousness at the bottom. 

The Whole, vibrates complexly, and does so with different emphases at different time periods. BUT we are never without the vibratingly living Whole. The difficulty, in fact, is that this civilization, since the beginning, with the capturing of Original people and making them into slaves, had the aim of destroying the wholeness inherent in instinctive awareness, and we thus have, ever since, lived out of balance. Destroy the Whole and you can control the parts.

Here is the set of vibratory awarenesses:

Instinctive, Sense, Spiritual, Cosmic, Christ awareness. Anthropologists tend to think somewhat this way (truncating it – for they don’t speak of Christ Consciousness — in a moment, I’ll describe that as being fully human, so it is necessary to let go of concepts and theologies of Christ. The listing is incomplete, and the missing awareness is ELDER CONSCIOUSNESS — which holds the Whole together: Instinctive, Sense, Elder, Cosmic, Christ Awareness. And these modes are not hierarchical!

Short characterizations of the Vibration of the Whole:

Instinctive – earth-oriented consciousness. Everything the body needs to fulfill its desires – physical, emotional and spiritual desires, it borrows from the earth and returns to the earth. A bodily feeling-consciousness. I don’t mean ‘emotional’ or ‘reactive’ – as in ‘having a feeling’. Feeling consciousness is more like knowing through bodily ‘vibration’.

Sense – We are still mainly within this modality of consciousness. The term ‘sense’ here does not mean consciousness is confined to sensation; thinking is also present, but the ‘range’ of thinking capacities is mostly tied to the desires and needs of the concept-body (what we think of as body is not body-as-lived, but a physiological, biological concept), and thus of using Nature for our purposes. 

Spiritual –  The incorporation of spirit happens through rhythm, silence and motion. in rhythm, and thus reveals itself in the world as artistic – painting, music, poetry, literature, sculpture — not to be taken literally, but imaginally –for example, listen to the symphony of this writing –all of which are the greatest cause of bringing love into the world. And it has to do with the rhythms of the heart. With human beings, rhythm induces inner thinking, reducing the primacy of outer sensing. Inner thinking does not mean ‘mind chatter’ – it is meditative. but ongoing, not just the practice of meditation.

Elder -completely receptive awareness that serves as an invisible repository of cultural and philosophical knowledge, serves as the transmitters of such Wisdom, including basic beliefs and teachings, encouragingfaith inthe Great Spirit, Father/Mother.Elders emphasize listening and not asking WHY.There isn’t any word in Elder language for “why.” “Why” takes us out of presence into mentalness. It is not listening to them, but to their listening.

Cosmic the complete severance of sensation from Consciousness. It is the full illumination of soul/spirit – consciousness in the purity of LIGHT. It is completely transformative, immediately. God’s Light of all-knowledge is revealed. “I and the Father are One.” It is also immediate and full knowledge of immortality.

Christ – This modality attests to the possibility of EVERY individual attaining Cosmic Consciousness – that is, the possibility of cosmic-earth consciousness, an illumination like cosmic consciousness – that endures while one lives within the world, a state of Universal Oneness. And, this consciousness is already present, and, with the presence of Elder Consciousness this completeness of consciousness can be engaged, now.

With the vibration of Wholeness – which simply means ‘being here’, the three levels of ‘existence’ spoken of above – physically inspired will, physically inspired creating, and physically inspired relating shift to a different predominance of basic human vibration:

Physically inspired will becomes inward listening, receiving, intuition, fully bodily, centered in the mysterious ‘cave in the center of the head’, though permeating thoroughly bodily, and even personality, to enter the world. 

Physically inspired creating, through desire-purification becomes creating through the ‘word’, rhythmic, non-rational, immediate, imagistic, artistic, giving and re-giving. Such creating from soul is carefully cared for and brought, through being body, into the world.

Physically inspired relating and its attendant desire for possessiveness become inner stillness, listening, receiving, heart awareness and the power of non-doing doing, relating with the all-pervasive rhythms of Nature. (This opens a central concern which will be addressed later with practices – can contemplative consciousness ‘do’ anything.)

Still, without Earth Eldering working to awaken the full range of awareness, Wholeness of knowing, results in leaving the Earth. With Earth Eldering, that is the indigenous soul resonating now, ALL modes of awareness resonate together like a harp.  For the Original people, this harp resonated from the key of instinctual awareness —  Wholeness as all the awareness modalities was nevertheless present. And, if it is possible to listen so deeply to the soul presence that Elder awareness begins to resonate, then the whole harp of awareness will resonate from the key of Now – somewhere in the octave of deep stillness forming a new kind of thinking, rhythm forming a new kind of making, and relating as if Earth mattered. 





The Soul of America: New Beginnings 33 To Make this Bridge it is Necessary to BE THE BRIDGE


The Soul of America: New Beginnings 34


To Make This Bridge it is Necessary to BE THE BRIDGE

Last week’s entry, “Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul” was a turning point for this blog. The silence of
response was amazing: NONE. There were two comments, one concerned only with the last sentence, and
the other, a private email that indicated a very full understanding of the entry — because he did the work. Here lies the point where the blog changes, and I’m wondering what to do. I am not in the least bit upset with the ‘no response’, but am very interested in what to do from this point on — where more and more will be required of readers. So, let’s try to address this concern and see if it comes to some form of resolution.

The attempt of the blog entry was to begin bridging the Indigenous soul of this land with the deepest level of consciousness that it is possible to go into now — the latter almost always occurring through some kind of meditative-contemplative work — or results from undergoing some event that brings about humility  and vulnerability, and/or requires sacrifice and suffering  – not sought, but noticed.  Bridging-consciousness requires more than ‘thinking about’ how to re-enter collective soul life; it requires becoming the bridge. 

The entry opened into the WORK of seeing that the Indigenous Soul has not gone anywhere.  She is here as She always has been — and can be revived, can be re-entered, and in doing so, the real destiny of this land of America could be taken up again — this is the land destined to become the place where the “New Heaven and New Earth” awakens, an awakening immediately understood everywhere. This is as yet far away, but spiritual work does not happen in the same timing as civilizational timing. 

This possibility, though, cannot happen from within the civilizational consciousness of the day. We live in a highly layered illusory consciousness and connecting with something of depth from within flat, literal, everyday consciousness is impossible. Writing of a depth nature cannot be taken for its content alone. The content is nothing more than the visible expression of something going on at a much deeper level, known either through immediate heart feeling or intuition. It would have done no good to say something like this — for a reader that either happens or it does not. The ‘nots’ win.

I am NOT the one bringing this possibility of America about. Not in any way. It is just impossible to believe that the Original people of this land were here, for a while, to be wiped out and replaced by voracious land grabbers and developers for the purpose of fulfilling greed until destructive consciousness, starting here, spreads throughout the world until Earth must balance herself in such a violent manner that humanity will not live through the rebalancing. 

And, in spite of being a long-lived fantasy, we may have adopted being ‘western culture,’ originating in Greece, but that is not the true culture of this land. We have benefitted much from that adoption, but that culture went awry too — after Empedocles and Parmenides when it was stripped of its imaginal nature and became the logic and rational process of logic — culminating now in cyber-logic, which may be the end of humanity.

The blog began making the bridge between the Indigenous soul of this land and the present time. The open secret of such a bridge is that we have to BE THE BRIDGE, something quite different than knowing about it.

The Original TRI-UNITY of the Indigenous Soul was presented in three forms. To have any feeling at all of what was being said required the relatively simple act of placing attention into the center of each of the TRI-UNITY triangles — and noticing what happens inwardly, though that does require a minimum capacity of an awake inner life– the capacity for inwardly ‘seeing/hearing’, which is not a major capacity. And, while I asked, with the presentation of each triangle, that the reader make such an inward triangle and try to feel the wholeness of the three terms of each triangle — either that was so profound that every reader is still completely overwhelmed — or, more likely, the information alone makes no sense, or the triangles were ‘thought about’, which does nothing. 

There is certainly no lack of information in the present age of information. You can find, for each of the blogs, dozens who say such things on a website,a blog, or a video that supports the informational content of this entry and every entry — but, the moment something beyond taking in the information is required, the now completely installed LAZINESS of consciousness immediately and inevitably simply gives up, feeling that it is not possible to understand what in the world is trying to be stated.

It would be fine to just go on — except that when something to be worked with is not worked with, it adds, alas, to the dire condition that it is attempting to remedy. So, this concern is where my responsibility enters. 

my suggestion is to password protect the blogs, still announce them on facebook, but anyone wanting to work with them would email me with a request for the password. Once a person has the password, it will continue to work for subsequent blogs. From there, I’ll compile a list of the people requesting the password and after a time, if the list gets to the size of a group, I’ll suggest setting up a closed facebook group where more conversation can take place. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Let’s consider this option — and probably in the next blog I’ll ask for interested people to email me and I will send a password for entry into further blogs.


The Soul of America: New Beginnings 33 – Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul


Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul

The indigenous soul lives within and as a dimension of the TRI-UNITY of Heaven (Father Sky), Earth (Mother Earth), and Human (the Two-Leggeds). This Tri-Unity is not ‘top-down’, but Whole – never one without the other two.

Imagine a triangle with one side being SKY, the other side being HUMANS and the bottom of the Triangle of unity being EARTH.

That time, because we think linearly, was long ago and concerns another people – we think. How oblivious we are to now being heavily psychically ‘layered’; the top layer being the matrix of digitalization of the world; a next layer being the stupidity of rationality and its accompanying logic – the questionable gift of Aristotle (leading to ‘science’ and ‘technology’ as god), which reveals the third layer, the false notion that our (western) heritage begins with the Greeks – which can we believe only in light of eradicating of what was here – but the soul of it cannot be eradicated. And then, the fourth, most recent layer, the ‘me-me’ of a false individualism.

We remain far, far — very far, from being HERE as we are layered over by the civilization that left culture long ago. So, there is nothing to ‘cultivate’, to turn-over as soil (read ‘soul’), nothing to renew, nothing of an organic nature in civilization.

We live in hell and are governed by the beings of hell.

The indigenous soul also lives within the MEANS of the original TRI-UNITY of Heaven, Earth, and Human. “Means”– the specific manner that forms a way of living the Tri-Unity. Imagine a second triangle with one side being SPIRITUALITY, the other side being  TECHNOLOGY and the bottom of the Triangle of unity being Earth-PRESENCE. This is the ‘earthology’ of the indigenous soul.

Nothing exists without all three- spirituality, technology, earth-presence happening as creating happening – not ‘happened’, but happening. These words – spirituality, technology, earth-presence are modern words, ahast! – civilizational words, but let’s see if we can witness ‘civilization’ undoing itself.

The Original people who are this land did not ‘have’ a spirituality; they lived as spiritual beings, soul beings, physical beings – and spiritual/soul beings included the Underworld. The Original people did all sorts of ‘technology’ (but not without simultaneously being spirituality and earth-presence)– rituals, dances, for example, to bring the rains – techne-ology – the ways of making. And they were ‘earth-present’, that is they did not ‘have’ earth-presence as one of the things they did – it is an aspect of the one-as-three.

The indigenous soul also lives within the METHOD – the ways of doing the TRI-UNITY as life. Method – the specific ways of doing according to the ‘means’ and the ‘vision’ – living harmoniously with the laws of vision and means.

Imagine a third triangle – with one side being CONCENTRATION, the second side being EXPANSION and the third side being BALANCE. Being fully soul present with everything. Concentration means being fully soul/sensory present within Earth. Expansion – times of ‘letting go’, being inwardly empty and thus within the fullness of everything and in rhythm with concentration –  Stillness in Motion. And balance – perfect rhythmic harmony of concentration-expansion.

This TRI-UNITY, given herein, alas, a very abstract manner but one which can be immediately felt — ‘Oh, yes!!” Immediately felt because these three ‘abstractions’ are also ‘codes’ for Heart Intelligence – the vision, the means and the method for living in harmony, living within the rhythms of the Whole, and living wholly receptively. And they are also, or can be incantatory — that is, once we see this Tri-Unity with the imagination of the heart, it begins to happen (again).

Who holds this vision, this means, this method together? The Elders. The Elders, however, are not the ‘old’ people, not literally. Anyone can be an Elder, under certain conditions, to be considered later. And we have no culture because there are no Elders, and thus there is nothing to hold it all together – a pretty good definition of hell! As these posts continue, ‘Earth-Eldering’ will be central as the new forming of new culture. 

A final vision – the ‘Triangle” – see it dimensionally, not flat; see it rotating, not static – Sky from the ‘Above’; Earth from the ‘Below’; “Here” as the being-created and creating middle.

The word ‘Indigenous”– two words here – “In” and “Degenous”. “In” signifies living ‘in-wardly’, living from within; everything as originating from within, and the ‘all-around’ , the land is also the ‘all within’. Civilization lives wholly from without – and from that ‘without’ – living only from the literalized senses, bolstering sense life with the cleverness of thinking that produces the layering – that’s living in hell.

The mystery word “Digenous” – means something like “Gendered”. To be opened up in a later post – the remarkable sense that all creating occurs from within and as gendered!  I will describe what ‘gendering-creating’ consists of in a later post.

The “Take-Away” from these considerations: “Take-Away” – a way of saying ‘what’s in it for me’.

The Indigenous soul knows nothing of ‘Take-Away”

Only Giving and Re-Giving Exists