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Hopi Visions: Journey of the Human Spirit

From time to time I have read speculative comments that the Hopi originally came to this land from Lemuria. I did not take the comments very seriously — until reading a book, The History of the Hopi From Their Origins in Lemuria by a Hopi Elder, White Bear (Oswald White Bear Fredericks). White Bear was the person who recorded 30 Hopi Elders telling their creation myth. The great writer, Frank Waters lived with the Hopi for three years, gathered the material and organized it as the Book of the Hopi, one of the truly great works of all of culture.

White Bear also tells that the Hopi originated in Lemuria – and thus, gives this previous speculative view important validation – that enables going into the implications of such an image.

In reading this blog entry, however, it is important to be present to the overall feeling conveyed rather than the particular content, for the content on Lemuria diverges widely with different researchers; the feeling qualities, however, remain quite constant. What follows is more of a mythic story than historical fact, and thus more important for the soul, for myth is “something that never happened but is always happening”.

Very little is known of Lemuria, as it existed before recorded history, at the very foundations of the evolution of humanity. It was the antithesis of Atlantis, a highly technical culture that destroyed itself with its own uncontrollable weapons, not unlike the present world seems likely to do. Lemuria was a highly spiritual, clairvoyant, and peaceful culture.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Spiritual Science, spoke some concerning Lemuria as he was able to clairvoyantly read the Akashic Records, a kind of subtle, spiritual record of everything that has ever happened. As you will see in a moment, what he says startles, for if I would have tried to write a description of the soul qualities of the Hopi, it would be very much like what he saw. He does not connect the Lemurians, though, with the Hopi or any other of the Original people of the land now called America. The Lemurians existed when Earth was still highly more fluid than now.

I want to go just a bit into the imagination of the Hopi culture in relation to Lemuria because it gives the archetype of the people being the land – and thus, an image of what we now need to inwardly develop to be Whole, at-one with the land. Approaching Hopi culture in this way will focus on the soul element of these people much more than on externalized history – and is thus a contemplative approach. I chose this approach in order to awaken these images within our soul, now.

The location of Lemuria centered in Palatquapi, what is now Lake Titicaca – says White Bear. Another source locates the earth influences of Lemuria being along the “Ring of Fire”, referring to its destruction — that whole region where some 90% of volcanoes now occur The eastern edge of Lemuria extended to California and British Columbia in Canada. Take both locations as an image. As the destruction of Lemuria began, due to volcanoes and more deeply, due to the destructive forces of the Atlanteans, the continent began to sink into the rising waters (climate change?). The sinking of Lemuria carries the imagination of its soul direction as downward and awakens the imagination to the later emergence stories from within the Earth of the Hopi. At the time of its sinking, some of the people left and migrated, looking for the center of the universe. – and, eventually, they found themselves at this center – Kykotsmovi, what is now the location of the Hopi in Arizona.

The Hopi creation story speaks of the emergence (evolution) of the people from Spiritual-Earth in four epochs – each epoch completed with some catastrophe due to increasing decadence; we are now nearly in the fifth Hopi epoch, and there are two more epochs of Earth, and two more after that in another place. According to the Hopi prophecies, we are approaching a time of total catastrophe due to decadence, a prophecy spoken long ago by the emergence stories. Later, we may work with the prophecies – they are difficult to approach without taking them in totally literal ways, which makes them seem inevitable, which makes self-destruction seem inevitable. The Hopi say that the prophecies will take place no matter what BUT the timing within which they take place can change radically according to how we now live. The inevitable demise of the fourth world and the emergence of the fifth after the destruction could conceivably be delayed forever.

Oraibi, one of three Hopi villages (Shongopovi and Hoteville are the other two) is the oldest village on the continent. The name means “rock place up high”. It is said of this village that “the true knowledge will come from here”; and this is the place of the “Holders of the Light”. There are villages that lay beneath present Oriabi – the first was founded around 4,000 years ago. Lemuria is much, much, much older than this, of course. THE THREE MESAS OF THESE THREE VILLAGES ARE THE PLACES OF THE FIRST PEOPLE OF THIS LAND. The Hopi are the FIRST PEOPLE OF THIS LAND—the archetypal people of this place of Earth, now known as America.

The people were peaceful, but there were internal conflicts, and at various times, some left – these became the people of the various Pueblos in the area. (“Pueblo” is a Spanish word – the people were known by their tribes – the Zunis, or the Tewa, or the Lagunas, or the San Il Defonso, and so on). All these tribes (there are only nineteen of them left), are of the Hopi and can be considered of the Original people.

The rest of the “Original” people of the land migrated here much later, from, for example, Asia – after the ending of the last Ice Age, and, in a way, are not the Original people. The Mound Builders, for example, are Gaelic in origin. Still, the influence of the Hopi ranges throughout this land because initiatory migrations took place in which different clans migrated to both coasts, circled around and returned to the center of the universe. Many, of course, stopped, permanently, on the way. The etheric and soul forces of the Hopi, however, extend throughout this land, far before other tribes arrived. This gives an emerging picture of the deep soul of this land.

Of great importance in this image of the Hopi are the Kachinas. They are the equivalent of angels and archangels and were/are revered and worked with ceremonially. The name means “highly respected Spiritual People of Growth”.  There are more than 400 Kachinas — of animals, healers, plants… nearly everything.

In other words, the presence of the Kachinas were/are the guardians of everything of Earth, and indeed were present within everything of Earth, in the manner developed in this blog – as the radiance of the divine, or as the elemental beings, or the angelic beings accompanying the composing everything of earth in a rhythmical manner.

The men of Lemuria, and thus, in perhaps a more developed way by the Hopi people, were physically part of the land, entwined with the land. There was no difference for them between “interior” and “exterior” – that is the physical was also the soulful, completely. The sounds they made were the sounds of Nature, and they influenced what they were within by means of the physical/soul power of the will. It was not at all will as we think of the will as a power to make something happen; it was much more a physical/spiritual will, a kind of sensory clairvoyance, both physical and spiritual simultaneously.

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We know, of course, that America is characterized by will (C. G. Jung saw the prevalence of will when he visited America, and predicted it would be the downfall of this country; actually, it was more than a prediction, it was an actual vision he saw) but it is a degraded power of will, and used for ones’ own purposes and against others.

To be at one, for the at-one-ment for what we have done to Earth requires re-finding, in terms of the kind of consciousness now present, this more physical/soul sense of will. I know several people who are doing this – one, who is researching, discovering, and practicing running, not at the usual kind of exercise of endurance and building up muscle, keeping in shape, but as physical/spirit/soul presence. I know another person who, through soul research into the physical movement has discovered how to heal others through the subtle offering of the other person, the physical/soul/spirit currents of the body. These examples are Hopi-like, though in the modern world.

Lemurian men, says Rudolf Steiner, could influence their surroundings – others, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects by means of the physical/soul/spirit will – what can be imagined as a kind of earth-creating within earth presence. This power was derived from the things around them – for they saw and experienced everything as alive. Lemurian men influenced what was around them as what was around them reciprocally influenced them – in a very direct, immediate, soul-physical way – a kind of Earth-Creating within Earth Herself.

It is not hard to imagine these qualities as similar to those lived by the Hopi, now expressed through the rhythms of dance and ceremony. If there was/is, for example, a deer-dance, the dancers become the deer and the deer become the dancers and both are one with the Earth – as physical, soul, and spirit. This way of life is connected, intimately with the creation stories of emerging from within Earth, rather than from the Cosmos, although the way ‘up; is the way ‘down’ – sort of like the cosmology of Rudolf Steiner as the Way from above and the Underworld of C. G. Jung as the Way from below.

Women were completely equal to men, and, being of Mother Earth, the Lemurians and thus the Hopi also, were/are matriarchal cultures. Women also developed different, complementary capacities than men. Their chief characteristic was the development of a powerful imagination and the ability of calmness under any circumstances – that is, imagination as emerging from the deepest of stillness. They experienced Earth and world as like powerful dream-images, which were not ‘caused’ by anything external, but occurred as occasions of the external – thus they experienced Earth and Nature – animate and inanimate, and others too, in a visionary way – as coming into creation every moment rather than as  ‘objects’ separate from their soul life. They far surpassed, says Rudolf Steiner, all that mankind, through memory, intellect, and imagination has since acquired in arts and sciences.

For the Lemurians, and then, later, the Hopi, all was divine Wisdom and Art.

The leaders arranged things in such ways that the will-power and superabundant energy of men were ennobled and purified by the “soul” in woman.

The way of the Hopi was/is the Way of Beauty. The Way of Earth is the Way of Beauty. WILL WE BE LIKE LEMURIA AND THE HOPI OR LIKE ATLANTIS?


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