The Soul of America: New Beginnings 33 To Make this Bridge it is Necessary to BE THE BRIDGE


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To Make This Bridge it is Necessary to BE THE BRIDGE

Last week’s entry, “Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul” was a turning point for this blog. The silence of
response was amazing: NONE. There were two comments, one concerned only with the last sentence, and
the other, a private email that indicated a very full understanding of the entry — because he did the work. Here lies the point where the blog changes, and I’m wondering what to do. I am not in the least bit upset with the ‘no response’, but am very interested in what to do from this point on — where more and more will be required of readers. So, let’s try to address this concern and see if it comes to some form of resolution.

The attempt of the blog entry was to begin bridging the Indigenous soul of this land with the deepest level of consciousness that it is possible to go into now — the latter almost always occurring through some kind of meditative-contemplative work — or results from undergoing some event that brings about humility  and vulnerability, and/or requires sacrifice and suffering  – not sought, but noticed.  Bridging-consciousness requires more than ‘thinking about’ how to re-enter collective soul life; it requires becoming the bridge. 

The entry opened into the WORK of seeing that the Indigenous Soul has not gone anywhere.  She is here as She always has been — and can be revived, can be re-entered, and in doing so, the real destiny of this land of America could be taken up again — this is the land destined to become the place where the “New Heaven and New Earth” awakens, an awakening immediately understood everywhere. This is as yet far away, but spiritual work does not happen in the same timing as civilizational timing. 

This possibility, though, cannot happen from within the civilizational consciousness of the day. We live in a highly layered illusory consciousness and connecting with something of depth from within flat, literal, everyday consciousness is impossible. Writing of a depth nature cannot be taken for its content alone. The content is nothing more than the visible expression of something going on at a much deeper level, known either through immediate heart feeling or intuition. It would have done no good to say something like this — for a reader that either happens or it does not. The ‘nots’ win.

I am NOT the one bringing this possibility of America about. Not in any way. It is just impossible to believe that the Original people of this land were here, for a while, to be wiped out and replaced by voracious land grabbers and developers for the purpose of fulfilling greed until destructive consciousness, starting here, spreads throughout the world until Earth must balance herself in such a violent manner that humanity will not live through the rebalancing. 

And, in spite of being a long-lived fantasy, we may have adopted being ‘western culture,’ originating in Greece, but that is not the true culture of this land. We have benefitted much from that adoption, but that culture went awry too — after Empedocles and Parmenides when it was stripped of its imaginal nature and became the logic and rational process of logic — culminating now in cyber-logic, which may be the end of humanity.

The blog began making the bridge between the Indigenous soul of this land and the present time. The open secret of such a bridge is that we have to BE THE BRIDGE, something quite different than knowing about it.

The Original TRI-UNITY of the Indigenous Soul was presented in three forms. To have any feeling at all of what was being said required the relatively simple act of placing attention into the center of each of the TRI-UNITY triangles — and noticing what happens inwardly, though that does require a minimum capacity of an awake inner life– the capacity for inwardly ‘seeing/hearing’, which is not a major capacity. And, while I asked, with the presentation of each triangle, that the reader make such an inward triangle and try to feel the wholeness of the three terms of each triangle — either that was so profound that every reader is still completely overwhelmed — or, more likely, the information alone makes no sense, or the triangles were ‘thought about’, which does nothing. 

There is certainly no lack of information in the present age of information. You can find, for each of the blogs, dozens who say such things on a website,a blog, or a video that supports the informational content of this entry and every entry — but, the moment something beyond taking in the information is required, the now completely installed LAZINESS of consciousness immediately and inevitably simply gives up, feeling that it is not possible to understand what in the world is trying to be stated.

It would be fine to just go on — except that when something to be worked with is not worked with, it adds, alas, to the dire condition that it is attempting to remedy. So, this concern is where my responsibility enters. 

my suggestion is to password protect the blogs, still announce them on facebook, but anyone wanting to work with them would email me with a request for the password. Once a person has the password, it will continue to work for subsequent blogs. From there, I’ll compile a list of the people requesting the password and after a time, if the list gets to the size of a group, I’ll suggest setting up a closed facebook group where more conversation can take place. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Let’s consider this option — and probably in the next blog I’ll ask for interested people to email me and I will send a password for entry into further blogs.


The Soul of America: New Beginnings 33 – Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul


Resuscitating the Indigenous Soul

The indigenous soul lives within and as a dimension of the TRI-UNITY of Heaven (Father Sky), Earth (Mother Earth), and Human (the Two-Leggeds). This Tri-Unity is not ‘top-down’, but Whole – never one without the other two.

Imagine a triangle with one side being SKY, the other side being HUMANS and the bottom of the Triangle of unity being EARTH.

That time, because we think linearly, was long ago and concerns another people – we think. How oblivious we are to now being heavily psychically ‘layered’; the top layer being the matrix of digitalization of the world; a next layer being the stupidity of rationality and its accompanying logic – the questionable gift of Aristotle (leading to ‘science’ and ‘technology’ as god), which reveals the third layer, the false notion that our (western) heritage begins with the Greeks – which can we believe only in light of eradicating of what was here – but the soul of it cannot be eradicated. And then, the fourth, most recent layer, the ‘me-me’ of a false individualism.

We remain far, far — very far, from being HERE as we are layered over by the civilization that left culture long ago. So, there is nothing to ‘cultivate’, to turn-over as soil (read ‘soul’), nothing to renew, nothing of an organic nature in civilization.

We live in hell and are governed by the beings of hell.

The indigenous soul also lives within the MEANS of the original TRI-UNITY of Heaven, Earth, and Human. “Means”– the specific manner that forms a way of living the Tri-Unity. Imagine a second triangle with one side being SPIRITUALITY, the other side being  TECHNOLOGY and the bottom of the Triangle of unity being Earth-PRESENCE. This is the ‘earthology’ of the indigenous soul.

Nothing exists without all three- spirituality, technology, earth-presence happening as creating happening – not ‘happened’, but happening. These words – spirituality, technology, earth-presence are modern words, ahast! – civilizational words, but let’s see if we can witness ‘civilization’ undoing itself.

The Original people who are this land did not ‘have’ a spirituality; they lived as spiritual beings, soul beings, physical beings – and spiritual/soul beings included the Underworld. The Original people did all sorts of ‘technology’ (but not without simultaneously being spirituality and earth-presence)– rituals, dances, for example, to bring the rains – techne-ology – the ways of making. And they were ‘earth-present’, that is they did not ‘have’ earth-presence as one of the things they did – it is an aspect of the one-as-three.

The indigenous soul also lives within the METHOD – the ways of doing the TRI-UNITY as life. Method – the specific ways of doing according to the ‘means’ and the ‘vision’ – living harmoniously with the laws of vision and means.

Imagine a third triangle – with one side being CONCENTRATION, the second side being EXPANSION and the third side being BALANCE. Being fully soul present with everything. Concentration means being fully soul/sensory present within Earth. Expansion – times of ‘letting go’, being inwardly empty and thus within the fullness of everything and in rhythm with concentration –  Stillness in Motion. And balance – perfect rhythmic harmony of concentration-expansion.

This TRI-UNITY, given herein, alas, a very abstract manner but one which can be immediately felt — ‘Oh, yes!!” Immediately felt because these three ‘abstractions’ are also ‘codes’ for Heart Intelligence – the vision, the means and the method for living in harmony, living within the rhythms of the Whole, and living wholly receptively. And they are also, or can be incantatory — that is, once we see this Tri-Unity with the imagination of the heart, it begins to happen (again).

Who holds this vision, this means, this method together? The Elders. The Elders, however, are not the ‘old’ people, not literally. Anyone can be an Elder, under certain conditions, to be considered later. And we have no culture because there are no Elders, and thus there is nothing to hold it all together – a pretty good definition of hell! As these posts continue, ‘Earth-Eldering’ will be central as the new forming of new culture. 

A final vision – the ‘Triangle” – see it dimensionally, not flat; see it rotating, not static – Sky from the ‘Above’; Earth from the ‘Below’; “Here” as the being-created and creating middle.

The word ‘Indigenous”– two words here – “In” and “Degenous”. “In” signifies living ‘in-wardly’, living from within; everything as originating from within, and the ‘all-around’ , the land is also the ‘all within’. Civilization lives wholly from without – and from that ‘without’ – living only from the literalized senses, bolstering sense life with the cleverness of thinking that produces the layering – that’s living in hell.

The mystery word “Digenous” – means something like “Gendered”. To be opened up in a later post – the remarkable sense that all creating occurs from within and as gendered!  I will describe what ‘gendering-creating’ consists of in a later post.

The “Take-Away” from these considerations: “Take-Away” – a way of saying ‘what’s in it for me’.

The Indigenous soul knows nothing of ‘Take-Away”

Only Giving and Re-Giving Exists




Finding the Opening to the Spiritual Earth



The Soul of America: New Beginnings 32

Developing the Capacities of Spiritual-Earth Presence

What we are going to be involved within this second series of The Soul of America: New Beginnings, is very simple, really simple, — but it involves starting with an image of a unity of heaven and earth. And how to live in harmony with that unity. The image is difficult only because of layers of assumptions that have to be dissolved. I want to begin with looking at some of the assumptions of the Christian religion, my heritage. The religion itself may not hold these assumptions, not in its depth, but they are what we are accustomed to and what the teachings say.

Religion separates the Oneness of God, or Source, and the realm of the divine – spirits, angels, the dead, from the Earthly realm – while confusing that by saying ‘God is everywhere’. A Two-ness does exist, but it only SEEMS to be a division.

Supposedly, we are here, mortals; the spiritual worlds are elsewhere, and religions become the arbiter between the worlds, establishing the doctrines and regulations for, more or less, sometimes, seeming to join the two worlds – faith, belief, codes of behavior, Sacred Texts to live by, prayer, sacraments, rituals. But, it is always a ‘one-way’ direction of the between – how we have to do certain things – live certain ways, pray, perhaps meditate, know the laws of the religion, practice those laws, be aware of the documents of the religion, and be subject to the priests who are the directors of how we act – in order someday, to switch where we are, from the place of the mortals to the place of the spirits; that someday arrives at the end of life.

Sometimes, when the religion is deeply practiced, mystical experiences occur and are even present in daily living. There are very few individuals who have bridged the gap, so we have the impression that doing so occurs only rarely and to those who undergo severe inner training.

The division between ‘here’, and ‘there’ – Earth and Heaven just SEEMS to be a division; in reality, it is not. It is not that we have been fooled by religion. It is more that this ‘system’ of division has been perpetuated for so long that no one even typically thinks differently. Jesus, the bearer of the Christ is the primary future template. When we are like him, then when we are ‘here’, we are also there’ – “I and the Father are One.” Many, though, look for ways in which we can be more responsible with and in our own spirituality.

There is a kind of middle place – that is, one that is still within religion but attempts to, perhaps we can say, introduce certain practices of spirituality – usually, though, without developing a very clear picture that they are on the border of a very different way of being human, and draw back. I am thinking, for example of “Centering Prayer”, where there is meditation and coming to a place of experiencing something that is ‘beyond’, let’s call it. But, nothing is done with it. That is, you engage, return, and live your life in a defunct civilization, feeling perhaps strengthened and perhaps able to help others live ‘closer’ with the spiritual worlds.

And, we might think of certain ‘adjuncts’ to religion – like yoga, retreats, dream practices, adding practices from other spiritual traditions, and other ways of ‘bolstering’ religion. And, there is also some interest in moving more toward, I would call it ‘psychologizing religion’, with the hopes of ‘humanizing religion’. I am here thinking of The Living School of Richard Rohr and his associates.

Esoteric spirituality does not make such divisions. To say it another way, religions hold to a division between spirit and matter or soul and matter, while esoteric spirituality speaks, sometimes, not always, and certainly not all approaches to esoteric spirituality – but some speak in a way that assumes spirit as matter, rather than spirit and matter. And, for the most part, the unity is not spoken of in this manner, but, rather, esoteric spirituality assumes that we, through discipline and meditation and practices, can experience the spiritual realms, leaving the question of spirit as matter, or spirit and matter more open.

Various forms of meditation promoted by esoteric spirituality all require leaving the body to be within spirit – which also includes, leaving the world/earth. The inherent connection between body/spirit, and thus earth/spirit is never indicated. So, at certain times, we can ‘dip’ into the spirit worlds, get a taste of what is ‘there’, but not much more – that is, I don’t know anyone who is able to describe, to track the worlds entered into, for example, with Centering Prayer, and directly work with what occurs when the ‘world returns’. Perhaps the mystic does live within the spirit worlds and this world on an ongoing basis. Still, something is left out – the Earth.

Even esoteric spirituality excludes Earth from the spirit.

Perhaps there is speaking of particular places – Sacred Places – certain natural places, such as where Mary has appeared, or, say, Our Lady of Guadalupe which are considered ‘holy’, and certain built places, for example, Chartres Cathedral. But Earth Herself is not considered spirit.

Hold on, don’t let emotional reaction close you off, for we are now getting close to where we will be working together.

First, I do want to emphasize, emphatically, that none of what I am saying is a criticism; it is only descriptive, and necessary to picture to try and assure that  some who may be thinking, and probably worried, that what I will be describing has nothing to do with anything religious or spiritual. It is not within the assumptions of religion; and it is also not really within the assumptions of those borderline places, nor is it even within any known esoteric spirituality. True, when I speak of the ‘Spiritual Earth”, such speaking does not derive from any of the three ways considered above. 

I find it necessary, though, right at the beginning, to emphasize that in wanting to seriously consider Earth as spirit, this will not be the Earth of our usual sensations. It is not possible for Earth, as it is considered in usual awareness, or within the awareness of science or technology, to be the Spiritual Earth. It is not that there is ‘another earth’, somewhere, but Earth is quite complex; invisible aspects of the visible earth can be entered without leaving visible earth, and  can be experienced without much difficulty. Our engagement will be with the ‘imaginal Earth’. The imaginal realm exists between the sensory realm and the spiritual realm; it partakes of both, as living imagining, that is, imagination that is real, just as real as looking at a tree or a mountain, or a flower, or grass are real sensory experiences. And, at the same time, it is as real as any deep spiritual awakening.

To the extent we can become a bit free of the now-promulgated assumptions of religion, imaginal Earth will open to experience. The surprise of this first writing may be that it is not materialism that blocks perceiving the imaginal/spiritual earth, but religious assumptions. And, another part of the difficulty is that we are not ‘material’ enough; we have settled only into the materiality that can serve us — and lack the capacity of serving the imaginal Earth in such a way that She opens to our presence.


The Soul of American: New Beginnings 31

Spiritual Earth? What does this mean? The Beginning of a Manifesto

The Drought of Earth
Linda Rael – Albuquerque Fiber Artist

Spiritual Earth does not exist for us, for the kind of consciousness that inhabits us. We cannot return to the view of Earth lived by the Original people who were inseparable from Earth. We have separated, as has each part of the world separated from their indigenous (Earth-Spirit) people.

I have not been orienting you, dear readers, toward a return, though it is terribly necessary to know and to deeply feel what happened and what continues to happen to indigenous people here and its result, for there is a concerted effort to erase all memory, first, of a Spiritual Earth, and second, to enact a world that completely forgets earth; we all see it happening, so this is not a new revelation.

The strange part is our seeming powerlessness to do anything significant about it. Ecology and climate initiatives, as well as all forms of ‘helping’ earth, while important, will not stop what seems to be a kind of suicide, for destroying physical earth certainly kill us, first eradicating the fullness of awareness and consciousness, and then physically. We are already in advanced stages of deterioration.


The mass genocide of ourselves through earth destruction reveals that now is the time for a new idea with power. Ideas do have power, for such large ideas are not the product of ordinary consciousness. Think of the power of Buddhism, or Christianity or Islam, or Judaism. They had power to really change the world; that is the way they all started. Now, for most, they have become massive self-interest movements. Movements that started as world-changing ideas are being captured at the level of their organizations and also at the level of individual participation. The social organization of religions have far outstripped the original spiritual intents, and have forgotten that ideas with power require sacrifice and suffering to be world-transformative. All spiritual paths demonstrate that this is true.

The prime indication of the degeneration of ideas that have the power to change the world is the prevalence with which they have been masticated, eaten, and digested by the now all-pervasive Western idea – the idea that the ‘me’ is first, that everything is about the illusion we call ‘me’.

A new idea that could have power – we are not here for ourselves, we are here, though, and what does ‘here’ mean – here means ‘earthly’, that is something so apparent. We cannot see the spiritual importance of what is right beneath our feet.

The Original people definitely recognized the “Great Spirit”, and that was, for them, cosmic. But, they also were bodily present in such a way that all of their energy did not go toward the satisfaction of their needs, wants, desires, and fantasies. It went toward honoring Who they come from, and they knew that this Who was right beneath their feet. This recognition required continual sacrifice and suffering — they are the primary tools for transforming physical energy into spiritual presence.

Sacrifice and suffering have to do with the remarkable way in which we can utilize the energy of our physical bodies to transform ourselves and the world. Energy belongs to matter, there is nothing whatsoever spiritual about energy, in spite of ‘energy’ being a ”New Age” idiom for folks trying to do spiritual things materialistically and for the benefit of ‘oneself’.

Sacrifice and suffering as I am speaking of them have absolutely no connection with the degraded sense that we have to seek it out, as a Christian view often fall into. No, it is here, always, and can be our primary alchemical tool of transformation.

Energy is a physical function of matter, all the way from the atom to the human body; and with earth, it is clear it is a function of Earth-as-matter – oil, gas, water, electricity, atomic energy. And as physical function, energy is wholly mechanistic and belongs solely to the cause-effect world.

Energy itself, including human energy, can do absolutely nothing of a spiritual nature. But, we humans, who are subject to the cause-effect laws of energy, have something within us that can orient that energy, or certainly the surplus of it within the body, toward awakening something that does not belong to the order of mechanism at all. For example, the eight-fold path of Buddhism is a way of re-orienting suffering that utilizes body energy to develop capacities of being here, being in the moment.

For our energy to be the agent of transformation into our spiritual nature, it has to be oriented in an unnatural direction. Fasting, for example, awakens another pathway for natural energy than maintaining the body, which now has deteriorated into the useless energy of sugar added to nearly every food. – the ‘me-me’ food. (When you go shopping, look at the label of everything you buy and notice how much sugar is added; if it has more than 1 gram of sugar, put it back – that is a little sacrifice, but already an indication of an idea with power.) Think small when imagining sacrifice.

Suffering can also be oriented toward the awakening of something tangible but unphysical, but, we are completely oriented toward, not exactly stopping suffering, but drowning it in medication or looking at suffering that is not of a physical nature, so-called ‘mental illness’ in terms of the laws of cause and effect, the laws of energy. A wholly new imagination of suffering, one that does not fall into self-mutilation, is needed.

Sacrifice and suffering are the primary modes of Earth presence, Wisdom, and has nothing whatsoever to do with self-effacing. Sacrifice and suffering are primary gestures of beauty.

Spiritual Earth, then, is not given – it is a spiritual path, not unlike any other great spiritual paths at their inception. It may, however, be the path of this time, a path, unlike any other spiritual path.

No one, though, is watching out for or looking and longing for someone to sacrifice, that is, to dedicate his or her very being to the “path of Earth”. No one is watching out for or looking and longing for someone to undergo any suffering necessary to develop the capacities necessary to ‘see’ the Spiritual Earth. And no one will come along and declare the new path. The new and unusual nature of this path is that human beings have to come to it on their own. There will be no “New Church of the Earth.”