RobertSardello – The Open Way, is the result of 25 years effort. Cheryl Sanders-Sardello and I began as The School of Spiritual Psychology in 1992. For a good ten years, we traveled as much as 30 weeks a year, throughout this country as well as Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Phillippines, developing spiritual psychology as a contemplative discipline. In 2002, we established a center in North Carolina, where people came for courses and soul retreats. We also continued traveling.

From the outset, because of the contemplative manner of engaging soul and spirit, we never had the sense that either soul or spirit was confined to the human being, and in fact, the whole of the world is in constant creating and permeated with soul/spirit presences. In 2015, in keeping with the development of the School, much of the new work focuses on developing capacities of “Spiritual-Earth” awareness. To focus only on the individual only is too narrow for these troubled times when there is a danger of radical disruption of Earth due to the disharmony in the world.

Besides teaching, presenting at conferences, and invited teaching at universities, I have written 8 books, am on the editorial board of Self and Society: The International Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and am a Founding Fellow of The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. 

On November 2015, Cheryl tragically died of a pulmonary embolism. 2016 was spent as the beginning of a gathering process. It is no longer possible to speak of this work as a ‘school’, nor imply that it is now a kind of an ‘organization’. This website will serve as an archive of notes and writings from the beginning to the present. It will also serve as providing online courses, podcasts, and webinars in three areas: Spiritual Psychology, Heartfulness, and the ideal of Spiritual-Earth Sanctuary. 

Some travel to select locations for soul retreats will take place and will be announced on this site. I also continue individual consultations in Spiritual Therapeutics.