The Perils of Spiritual Amnesia

The Perils of Spiritual Amnesia


The Spiritual Wisdom of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

The number of countries led by a dictatorship government is rapidly increasing, as are the number of countries inclining in that direction. It is as if the extreme perils of such a way of ‘governing’, most strongly revealed to the world by Hitler, have been forgotten.

This amnesia, it seems to me, is due to an absence of clarity regarding how dictatorships are backed by certain destructive spiritual beings.

Two great and magnificent spiritual leaders – Sri Aurobindo and his partner, known as The Mother (Maria Alfassa) were very aware of the spiritual forces that guided Hitler. In these regions of nefarious influencers, awareness is everything. And the early ‘strategies’ of unsavory spiritual beings who wish to thwart the unfolding of spiritual evolution consist of bringing the distractions of havoc and extreme opposition between people.

What is below intends to contribute to spiritual awareness:

  1. A description of what constitutes dictatorship
  2. A list of the 50 countries that now have dictators at their head
  3. Quotations from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother indicating the spiritual forces behind Hitler
  4. Two poems by Sri Aurobindo that concern Hitler. The first of these poems is an audio recording of “The Iron Dictators”, at the beginning of the quotations. The second poem, “The Dwarf Napolean” is at the end of the quotations.

I have decided to include all of this material in a single blog rather than divide it so that it can be a resource for readers to return to again and again for study.

I have omitted the esoteric names of the forces of the spiritual hindrance, but have left their names as specific areas of their spiritual inspiration.

                                                                                               —– Robert Sardello

What is a Dictatorship?

A dictatorship is a type of government in which a single person or party has absolute power. This means that the ruler or party has complete control and the rights of the people are suppressed. The leaders of dictatorships are known as dictators, and they are usually backed by powerful groups of people. Typically, dictators are put into power when a nation faces significant social issues, such as high rates of unemployment or unrest among the nation’s people.

The financial backing of powerful groups isn’t all that’s needed. In order for a dictatorship to form, all opponents of the dictator ultimately need to be removed. This can be through any means necessary, including being imprisoned or even killed. There are many negative effects of a dictatorship. That includes the unraveling of social organizations and democratic institutions, the prohibition of other political parties, and the replacement of the nation’s constitution. Under a dictatorship, many people are persecuted for reasons including their religion or their economic status. Some dictatorships may have secret police, indefinite arrests, and concentration camps.

Dictators Around the World

The leaders of dictatorships are not outwardly identified as dictators when they are being addressed by other people. Interestingly enough, you might not recognize a dictator based on their title because many of them are called presidents, kings, prime ministers, and many other titles. Here are the names and titles of dictators around the world. 

  • President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai of Afghanistan
  • President Abdelkader Bensalah of Algeria
  • President Joao Lourenco of Angola
  • President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan
  • King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain
  • President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus
  • Sultan Haji Waddaulah of Brunei
  • President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi
  • Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia
  • President Paul Biya of Cameroon
  • President Faustin Archange Touadera of the Central African Republic
  • President Idriss Deby of Chad
  • President Xi Jinping of China
  • President Felix Tshisekedi of the Republic of Congo
  • President Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Congo
  • President Miguel Diaz-Canel of Cuba
  • President Teodoro Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea
  • President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea
  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia
  • President Albert-Bernard Bongo of Gabon
  • President Hassan Rouhani of Iran
  • President Barham Salih of Iraq
  • President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan
  • President Bounnhang Vorachith of Laos
  • President Nouri Abusahmain of Libya
  • President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani of Mauritania
  • President Daniel Ortego of Nicaragua
  • President Kim Jong-un of North Korea
  • Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said of Oman
  • Emir Tamin Al Thani of Qatar
  • President Vladimir Putin of Russia
  • President Paul Kagame of Rwanda
  • King Abdullah Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia
  • President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed of Somalia
  • President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan
  • President Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan of Sudan
  • King Mswati III of Swaziland
  • President Bashar al-Assad of Syria
  • President Emomalii Rahmon of Tajikistan
  • Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand
  • Chairman Losang Jamcan of Tibet
  • Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey
  • President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedow of Turkmenistan
  • President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda
  • King Sheikh Khalifa Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates
  • President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan
  • President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela
  • President Nguyen Phu Trong of Vietnam
  • President Brahim Ghali of Western Sahara
  • President Abd Al-Hadi of Yemen

Source –

The following quotations from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are taken from the book Hitler and His God: The Background to the Hitler Phenomenon by Georges van Vrekhem. The 700 page book contains two chapters concerning Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Each quote gives the source and page number in the book. The book is odd in that there is no actual bibliography, only the references as given here. Nevertheless, the book is extremely well researched.


Poem I –Sri Aurobindo:  The Iron Dictators


The Iron Dictators

I looked for Thee alone, but met my glance

The iron dreadful Four who rule our breath,

Masters of falsehood, Kings of ignorance,

High sovereign Lords of suffering and death.

Whence came these formidable autarchies,

From what inconscient blind infinity, –

Cold propagandists of a million lies,

Dictators of a world of agony?

Or was it Thou who bor’st the fourfold mask?

Enveloping Thy timeless heart in Time,

Thou has bound the spirit to its cosmic task,

To find Thee veiled in this tremendous mime.

Thou, only Thou canst raise the invincible seige,

O Light, O deathless Joy, O rapturous Peace!

“When we say that Hitler is possessed by a vital power, it is a statement of fact, not a moral judgment. His being possessed is far from what he does and the way he does it”.

“One can say that Hiter is not a devil but that he is possessed by one”.

From : Nirodbaran: Talks with Sri Aurobindo, pp. 190, 575

“I have not seen any other person who has followed the spiritual adversaries (I have omitted the esoteric name, RS) with such extraordinary fidelity. He never considers possibilities. Possibilities don’t matter. This is how he goes against all the generals…… All through he has been guided by inspiration and he has gone ahead depending on luck…. He has a most original mind because it is not his own mind.”

From : Nirodbaran: Talks with Sri Aurobindo, pp. 190, 575

The quotation below is from a letter from the person known as The Mother (Maria Alfassa), Sri Aurobindo’s partner:

“ Hitler was very conscious of being the instrument of the spiritual adversaries (my word, RS). …… Behind every human will there are forces in action whose origin is not human and which move consciously towards certain goals. The play of these forces is very complex and generally eludes human consciousness. But for the sake of explanation and easy understanding, they can be divided into two main opposing tendencies: those that work for the fulfillment of the Divine Work upon earth and those that are opposed to this fulfillment…. Hitler is a choice instrument of these anti-divine forces which want violence, upheavals and war, for they know that all this delays and hinders the action of the divine forces. This is why disaster was very close although no human government wanted it.”

From: Glimpses of the Mother’s Life 2, p. 15

And, then, she says, in another place:

“Hitler communicated with a being which he considered to be the Supreme. This being, which Hitler took for the Supreme, was quite simply a spiritual adversary (my word, RS) the one who is called “The Lord of Falsehood.” In occultism, he who proclaimed himself “The Lord of Nations.” His appearance was resplendent, he could mislead anybody except those who had the real occult knowledge and could see what was there behind the appearance. He would have deceived anybody, he was really splendid.

He generally appeared to Hitler wearing a silver cuirass (a piece of armor consisting of breastplate and backplate fastened together.) and helmet; it was as if fire irradiated from his head, and there was an aura of dazzling light around him….He told Hitler everything he wanted him to do: he played with him like a little monkey or a mouse. He had clearly decided to make Hitler commit all possible excesses till the day he would break his neck – which is what happened…..Hitler was a very good medium. He had great mediumistic capacities but he lacked intelligence and discernment. That being was he who pushed Hitler onward little by little. And he was doing this for fun, he did not take it at all seriously. For such beings, humans are tiny things with which they play as cats play with mice, till they eat them up.”

La Mere: Entretiens 1950-51, pp.207-208

“It is the vital (the level of emotion and the function of power, my notation) possession that gives him his size and gestures. Without this vital power he could be a crudely amiable fellow with some hobbies and eccentricities. It is in this kind of person, whose psyche is underdeveloped and weak, that possession is possible. There is nothing in the being than can resist the Power. In his latest photograph(January 1939) I find that he becoming more and more criminal and going down very fast.”

“It seems strange that the destiny of the whole world should depend on one man and yet it is so, for everybody looks up to him. From one point of view there never was a time when humanity came down so low as it has now. It looks as if a small number of violent men are the arbiters of humanity and the rest of the world is ready to bow down before one man.”

Sir Aurobindo, referenced in Nirodbaran, op. cit. pp 194

“Hitler was quite simply a human being, and as a human being he was very soft, very sentimental,” said the Mother. “He had the conscience of a simple workman, some said of a shoemaker – in any case of a simple workman or a little schoolmaster, something of that kind. But he was possessed … He was a medium, a very good medium. Besides, it was during spiritist séances that the possession took hold of him. It was at such times [of possession] that he was seized by those fits which were said to be epileptic. They were not epileptic: they were crises of possession … When he wanted to know something from that being, he went to his villa [on the Obersalzberg] to meditate. There he really made an intense appeal to what he called his god, his supreme god, who was the ‘Lord of the Nations’ … Of course [that being] did not appear physically. Hitler was a medium, he ‘saw’, he had a certain power of clairvoyance. And it was at such times that he had his fits … The people in his entourage knew that.”

The Mother, referenced in — Nirobaran, op cit. p.194

“To be a successful instrument of the adversarial forces (my word, RS) is easy, because they take all the movements of your lower nature and make use of them so that you have no spiritual effort to make.”

Sri Aurobindo, On Himself, p. 395

“There is always somebody to receive the influence of the demonic forces and who then immediately thinks that he is a very superior being. For this gives people the feeling that they are really exceptionally remarkable….This happens to ambitious people, especially to ambitious people who want power, who want to dominate others, who want to be great masters, great instructors, who want to perform miracles and acquire extraordinary powers.”

The Mother: La Mere: Entretiens 1954, pp. 283-284.

“Hitler is a sort of mystic. Hitler is a new type, and infra-rational mystic, representing the dark counterpart of what we striving to arrive at: a supra-rational mysticism….He is a mystic, only a mystic of the wrong kind! He goes into solitude for his messages and waits till they come.”

Sri Aurobindo; Nirodbaran, op. cit. p. 84

“The hostile forces exist and have been known to yogic experience ever since the days of the Veda and Zoroaster in Asia ( and the mysteries of Egypt and the Cabbala) and in Europe also from old times.”

Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga, pg. 393

“According to the Indian tradition there are in descending order the adversarial beings, (my word, RS) the great hostiles of the vital-mental plane, sometimes compared to the Titans of Greek mythology; then are are another level of (adversarial beings,(my word, RS) the ugly ogres of the vital plane, which are nevertheless perfectly capable of taking on the most seductive appearance; and on the lowest level there are is another level of adversarial beings (my word, RS), the little beings which revel in causing the greatest possible mischief and making life miserable for everybody.”

— Georges Van Vrekhem, Hitler and His God, pg. 569

To explain how the hostile forces had come about, the Mother told a story to the children of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram School, insisting that it was no more than a parable to clarify realities which transcend human understanding:

“The Supreme Being is sat-chit-ananda, in other words, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in eternity. As everything imaginable is contained in it, at one (eternal) moment there arose in it also the urge to manifest its being, and this urge was sufficient to manifest or ‘create’ the whole scale of the worlds, because what the Divine ‘sees instantly becomes reality. Thus the supercosmic tower of worlds was built, from the lowest to the highest, like a huge staircase of universes all peopled with |countless beings. This tower of worlds exists in eternity, for there is never an end to the creative urge in the Divine, although in a simultaneous state He remains withdrawn and detached, self-existent in sempiternal self-contemplation and bliss. These worlds do no change, they do not evolve, and all beings in them are perfectly happy in the state in which they exist.

But as all possibilities are contained in the Divine, there was the possibility of creating an evolutionary world, a world of total freedom. And because of this freedom it happened that the essential attributes or personalities of the Divine, in a supernal act of ego-centeredness, saw themselves as the Supreme, each of them, and turned away from their one Origin. The Truth (sat) became Falsehood; Consciousness (chit) became Darkness and Ignorance; Life (tapas the power of chit) turned into Death; Bliss and Love (ananda) changed into Suffering. They are the four great adversarial (my word, RS), the Lords of Falsehood, Darkness, Death and suffering — the four powers at the basis of our evolutionary universe, capable of multiplying themselves in cascades of lesser emanations, of lesser demons. They are “The iron dreadful Four who rule our breath, / Masters of falsehood, Kings of ignorance, / High sovereign Lords of suffering death”, as Sri Aurobindo wrote in a sonnet titled ‘The Iron Dictators’.’” They are also the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the ‘four powers of hell.”


Poem II – The Dwarf Napolean

The Dwarf Napoleon

(Hitler. October 1939)

Behold, by Maya’s fantasy of will

A violent miracle takes sudden birth,

The real grows one with the incredible.

In the control of her magician wand

The small achieves things great, the base things grand.

This puny creature would bestride the earth

Even as the immense colossus of the past.

Napoleon’s mind was swift and bold and vast,

His heart was calm and stormy like the sea,

His will dynamic in its grip and clasp.

His eye could hold a world within its grasp

And see the great and small things sovereignly.

A movement of gigantic depth and scope

He seized and gave coherence to its hope.

Far other this creature of a nether clay,

Void of all grandeur, like a gnome at play,

Iron and mud his nature’s mingled stuff,

A little limited visionary brain

Cunning and skillful in its narrow vein,

A sentimental egoist poor and rough,

Whose heart was never sweet and fresh and young,

A headlong spirit driven by hopes and fears,

Intense neurotic with his shouts and tears,

Violent and cruel, devil, child and brute,

This screaming orator with his strident tongue,

This prophet of a scanty fixed idea,

Plays now the leader of our human march;

His might shall build the future’s triumph arch.

Now is the world for his eating a ripe fruit.

His shadow falls from London to Corea.

Cities and nations crumble in his course.

A terror holds the peoples in its grip:

World-destiny waits upon that foaming lip.

A Titan Power upholds  this pigmy man,

The crude dwarf instrument of a  mighty Force.

Hater of the free spirit’s joy and light,

Made only of strength and skill and giant might,

A Will to trample humanity into clay

And unify earth beneath one iron sway,

Insists upon its fierce enormous plan.

Rampling man’s mind and will into one mold

Docile and facile in a dreadful hold,

It cries its demon slogans to the crowd.

But if its tenebrous empire were allowed,

That mastery would prepare the dismal hour

When the Inconscient shall regain its right,

And man who emerged as Nature’s conscious power,

Shall sink into the deep original night

Sharing like all her forms that went before

The doom of the mammoth and the dinosaur.

It is the shadow of the Titan’s robe

That looms across the panic-stricken globe.

In his high villa on the fatal hill

Alone he listens to that sovereign Voice,

Dictator of his action’s sudden choice,

The tiger leap of a demoniac skill.

An energy his body cannot invest,–

Too small and human for that dreadful guest,

A tortured channel, not a happy vessel,–

Drives him to think and act and cry and wrestle.

Thus driven he must stride on conquering all,

Threatening and clamoring, brutal, invincible,

Until he meets upon his storm-swept road

A greater devil – or thunderstroke of God.