The Soul of America: New Beginnings 38


(Si Wa Wata Wi – A Zuni Elder)

When the Body is Whole we Live as Earth

The anonymous intention that has a hold of America is rapidly becoming clear. Loot the place, trash it, and get out of here – to Mars, probably. This seemingly utterly fantastic imagination can begin to happen in earnest within a few years!

If we feel totally repelled by the prospects, and that is a big ‘if’, for it may already be too late, spiritual-earth awakening seems crucial. It is not a matter of returning to the spiritual–earth, it is a matter of co-creating the always-intended future unfolding of this Beloved Being. 

Accompanying such awakening, and further ways of coming awake will be suggested later. Those suggestions bear no weight, however, without entering Spiritual Poverty (St. Francis) and Vulnerability.

Here is my story of falling. Maybe others will share stories:

The Necessity of Falling into Mystery 

The Zuni reservation experience

I visited the Zuni reservation, three hours Northwest of Albuquerque recently. When I drove into the village, I was appalled – a large ‘village’ of about 12,000 people – it is the largest of the Pueblos. The whole village consists of very modest, extremely modest houses, many of them, perhaps most of them, in need of a lot of repairs. There is no ‘center’ to the village. Upon entering, the village strikes one who lives within the consciousness of our civilization as a place of extreme poverty, and anger arises toward the government for the manner in which Indigenous people have been treated.

I went to a B&B. That night —-

A Dream:

“I am teaching a seminar/workshop. No sense in the dream of who is there – other than an attractive elderly lady. At one point in the workshop, I said something – not clear what – that disturbed the whole group. A clamor arose, so loud that we took a break to settle down.

The elderly lady and I take a walk and are talking about what happened; I was trying to understand what made people so upset. The lady seemed to be trying to also understand. Between us, it came, the reason – imagination! – some sort of images had entered the group, disturbing them. It was not any particular image, but imagination itself; and when introduced, the people could no longer understand… and the chaos of being thrown out of mental-ness expressed itself in the groupas rage.

Upon waking, the most vivid memory was of the ‘lady’ – she is very familiar, but no one that I recognize — tall, thin, grey hair, very active and very animated and completely engaged in the workshop.

This dream came while I was at the B&B at the Zuni reservation.

Upon coming more awake, I was feeling a disappointment with the place, Zuni, NM. The reservation seemed to be just a very, very poor town – no center, the houses are completely ‘American”, and are very poor, very run down, repaired with patching, in the dirt, no yards. The place felt like a whole village of very poor people.

But, upon waking, a very different sense came. My imagination ‘woke up here’. I suddenly “know” imagination.

Early in the morning, after spending the night at the B&B, at 6 a.m. – dressed and went for a walk. It had rained last night (It had also rained at home, Albuquerque, before I left to go to Zuni – just as I finished building the Medicine Wheel in the backyard.) Ah, renewal!

As I walked out onto the street, I saw two Native American men – walking, on the other side of the street, slightly behind me. They were somewhat disheveled, as if they had, maybe, been out all night. (A mental interpretation.) Felt a bit of fear, but also did not know how to talk with them, so I stayed on my side of the street. They got closer, but everything was fine. I was walking in the street and went to step up the curb onto the sidewalk. I slipped and I fell, hard. I laid there holding my arm, examining my elbow, feeling it may have broken. One of the men rushed over and gently helped me get up, and kept asking if I was alright. Then, he looked at me and said: “Old”. I said, “Yes, old age.” He said, “Still walkable.” He did so being fully here.

It was like my spirit speaking with me.

At that very moment, sensing and perception itself changed. I literally saw that this place was not poor at all. I was seeing it before only through my own ‘civilized’ eyes, a kind of comparison with the world I am from. This place, Zuni, is a community – with everything that entails – it is Whole. It is not an ideal place, but a real spiritual-earth place. Community is sensory, visible, tangible, not some abstract idea. It lives in and as the place itself.

I realized at that moment that Humility and Vulnerability are the primary pre-requisites for Elder-consciousness, and probably the reason we think of Elders as ‘old’ people. One does not have to be old, though, to enter elderhood; the primary requisite is humility and vulnerability as quite natural, like Earth Herself.

An aside: Before I left the village, I bought two Zuni fetishes from different folks who came up to me. One is a fetish ‘shrew’ – very unusual, have never seen before. He said it was an Underworld being, an animal that lives underground – he said, it helps things to grow. The other – a most unusual “corn Mother”; with a basket of corn in front of her and specks of turquoise – both the perfect image of the ‘real’, that is, imaginal, experience of this village. I knew that nothing that happens in that village is accidental.


Next Blog – All Earth Lives Eternally as Rhythm

The Soul of America: New Beginnings 37


The Soul of America: New Beginnings 37

Stepping through the doorway into the New World; Tuning the Harp

Now we come into the portion of the work where we have to “chew gum and walk at the same time.” The Democrats say they are able to do this, so, gosh, we should be able to do so spiritually. We want to find ways into noticing the Creating of Earth happening and human-spirit central within that ever-present unfolding and refolding.

So, we begin the work of extending the New World Indigenous soul from the mass consciousness we are familiar with into the act of essential Desire, expressing-creation (with Father Sky – Mother Earth) and at the same time with the Still Point within all movement (The Great Spirit). That is, what we have thus far spoken of now become noticed and conscious.

The first aspect of such doing was given at the end of the last blog session. So, let’s start with saying that part again, adding a short commentary indicating the ‘doing’, which is very simple. When inner awareness centers within the Tri-Unity, no thought goes on, only the presence of Attention, the act of Noticing. Attention is our ‘spiritual tool’, for allowing the shifting of the three levels of what is now ‘mass-conscious’ awareness to ‘spiritual-earth awareness’, starting with what was stated in the last session.

Because of the great familiarity of Chakra theory, there might be a tendency to read what follows through the filter of what you know about the chakras. The descriptions below do not have to do with the chakras! If that mind-filter prevails, and the concentration suggestions done with this view in mind, you will be taken out of body, and out of Earth.

Here are the descriptions from the end of the last blog, followed by suggestions concerning where to place attention and tracking what happens:

A. We have not kept up with vibrational evolution. The ‘old’ center of will and power and fear has to, by a work of contemplation, become centered in the deep middle of the head, that region of great Stillness, of Listening, receiving the divine – which can be contemplatively practiced, for example, whenever survival fear is felt ‘down there’.

Mass consciousness centers in the region of the physical will, power, and fear, which is the lower region of the body, the groin. When you begin to notice body-sensation in this region, even of the slightest kind, one of these mass capacities activates, often unconsciously, or simply habitually. When such activation happens, thinking dims and becomes completely captivated by dealing with the sensations. Mass-conscious thinking is thus sensory oriented, survival-oriented – bringing such actions into the world such as war, division, fighting, and doing things, even things that look quite creative and helpful, that are nonetheless defensive, aggressive, and are also projected onto Earth. (For example, during the present government shutdown, the National Parks are not guarded. People are going into them and leaving trash of the worst sort. In a National Park in Arizona where there are the most precious Joshua Trees, these trees are being cut down for no purpose at all, just cut and the trunk left lying there. It is only external laws and threats of punishment that keep projections of fear from destroying.)

When such sensations occur — they may be subtle or strong — place Attention in the deep center of the head, what was previously referred to as ‘the mysterious cave’. At the same time, also keep attention at the place of the lower groin. That attention will fade somewhat, but the objective is to stay bodied, and to move the attention FROM the groin area to the HEAD area would be going into chakra sensibility. While it may seem as if doing something thwarting spiritual consciousness, it is, in fact, supporting spiritual-earth consciousness.

I would suggest that this practice and the following ones too, not be thought of as ‘spiritual’ practices’. They are more like ‘catch-up’ practices to begin living with the fullest range and depth of consciousness, here, bodily, earthly/spiritual. Also, remove the notion of ‘doing a practice’, as this shifting and broadening of awareness needs to be done frequently; it is more like trying on new glasses, and noticing how the world changes.

The presence of the Light does not occur mentally, it is more a ‘visual-like” vibrational quality, felt, and, quite suddenly, you find yourself in a ‘new place’ — gosh, it can be dozens a times a day, and does not require going into meditation, for this is now on the way to becoming an ongoing meditative, contemplative state. In Hebrew, the word “contemplate” means “to sigh or murmur.” That’s a good way to imagine it rather than going into one of the various kinds of meditation techniques. Broadening attention results in an immediate feeling of sighing or murmuring.

We are headed toward living meditatively all the time and that does not separate ‘outer’ and ‘inner’, and does not ‘transcend’ the body or leave the Earth.

B.The ‘old’ center of reproduction and emotion, pleasure-displeasure, liking-disliking, and judging according to emotion rather than truth, has to, by a work of contemplation, open into a preponderance in the place of speaking, the place of the creative-word, whenever currents are felt in this old region of the body-awareness.

Mass consciousness also centers in the bodily region of strong feeling, often of a sexual nature, and emotion, pleasure and displeasure. It was, at one time thought to be the place of the soul. This is the place of the lower abdomen, the center of the attraction toward physical reproduction. 

When sensations – subtle or strong are felt in the bodily region of the pit of the stomach – sensations of a sexual nature, or emotions of any sort, place attention in the region of the throat. You may initially find a tendency to cough or clear the throat because the word, speaking, has been centered so long in the region of the abdomen and speaking has been used to get what we need or want or want to demonstrate. Again, here also, keep attention dual-centered – at the place of the emotional sensations and at the same time at the place of the throat. This kind of noticing and shifting of attention can, and needs to take place many times during the days. A ‘program’ of doing so is not needed and certainly not recommended. You will begin to become much more sensitive to the arising of emotions – rather than noticing them only when caught by them, and when noticed in this manner, when the shift to the throat region has occurred a few times, it becomes something you feel an attraction toward doing, not an emotion, but a free act of inclination. Speaking feels ‘sac-red’ rather than ‘sac-ral’.

C. The ‘old’ center of attraction coupled with possessiveness under the pretense of love,has to, by a work of contemplation, become centered in the all-present, never possessing, Love of the heart, when currents are felt in the old region of body-awareness.

Mass consciousness also centers in the region of the solar plexus, the upper abdomen, the region of making connections with others that are based on the desire for attachment and possessiveness, and also personal opinions and discomfort that can lead to spiritual growth. When felt in this region, relating easily becomes obsessive, often very subtly so, and relating thought to be love, occurring over a very long time, turns out to be attachment. Such relating brings, however, much painfulness. Our connection with earth can also fall into this kind of attachment, a kind of trying to turn Earth into our version of the ‘perfect Earth.’ Parks are often formed within this archetype.

When you feel sensations in this region of the body, place attention into the heart, while still keeping attention at the place of the desire-attraction. The need for attachment and possessiveness changes into a much deeper and more expansive sense of heart-radiance, love as giving, and presence to earth as giving and re-giving, without, however, loss of embodiment, and instead, a kind of purification of embodiment occurs. Attention within the heart results in immediate bodily expansiveness in which the usual boundaries of the physical body are not felt, but the spaciousness of the heart is, at the same time, fully bodied; in fact, the ‘usual’ body-boundaries experienced are our body-concept, rather than bodily-presence.


         We will return to the Indigenous soul of the Original People which shows the manner of living the Rhythmic Life as part of the creating heartbeat of the universe – expansion-compression waveforms with the ongoing presence of perfect Stillness….


Learning to Allow the Harp to Play











Coming to the Entry of the New World

(Navajo Rug – Father Sky and Mother Earth)

Coming to the Entry of The New World

I have a slight feeling that today’s blog is likely to peel quite a few people away. It is actually very simple, really simple, but we have no given filters of knowledge that lead to the immediate experience of thinking we know. It is necessary to work a little bit, finding a way into something unknown. Then, everything coming will be quite easy and make sense.

We begin this time with the astounding meaning of the word “Indigenous.” The first part of the word functions as a preposition — where? It says ‘in’ or ‘inside’.

So, the “in” refers to the invisible interiority of the “Digenous”. Digenous is an actual word.

The etymology of the word ‘digenous’ is more revelatory – and, at first, seems strange:


“Bisexual”, that is of or pertaining to both sexes; done by the two sexes; syngenetic; originating from opposite sexes.”

What happens in the in-visible place — the creating itself, and equal bisexual forces do the creating, and the creating goes on all the time, not in ‘seven days’. (maybe 7 epochs?)

Our usual understanding of “indigenous” functions too narrowly as “belonging to the land, originating with the land, the people who live ‘within’ the land, close to the land.” “Indigenous” is better heard as participation in  “creating the land.”

First, “indigenous” is not a word that ever describes a particular person’s personality or character – ‘he is an indigenous individual’, for example, is a misuse of the word. It is a word that describes where – and how – ‘earth’ comes into being a ‘here’, or better, how ‘earth’ will/can come into being ‘here’, when the earth that we think is ‘here and finished’, begins to vanish before our eyes (climate change, pollution, etc).

Try to begin to feel what is being said with this word: “indigenous” –two invisible (the ‘in’ part), equal, sexual powers the, ‘digenous part’ (do not take this as having to do with “having sex” in any literal way ), in longing for each other create the new. As an analogy, which is actually more than analogy, but for now, take it as such – sodium longs for chloride and when the two come together there is the creation of salt. The two sexual, longing soul powers creating Earth, create continuously – Earth is being created, it not already created as merely the ‘stage’ for human action.

The ONE spirit (The Original people speak of “The Great Spirit”), divides into two – sexes – two equal creating forces, (The Original people speak of “Father Sky” and “Mother Earth”), one concentrative, the other expansive, and their yearning for each other results in ongoing creating of everything, the particularities of which are individual extensions of the Great Spirit. The sexual longing makes the things of the world in the image of the One Spirit – that is, each specific individual creation is part of the Whole – separate ‘things’ is an illusion. The One extends into the Two, and the Two extends into the Third, which is the visible Earth, in multitudinous forms, which continuously come into being and disappear (what we call ‘death’, which is actually not death at all). Earth, always happening as the soul activity, the imagination, of the ONE SPIRIT as two forces, extending Desire, the ONE SPIRIT, LOVE, outward.




What Happens when there are no longer Elders, when there is no longer the culture of Elderhood? Who is imagined as ‘holding it all together – by being so close to the creating that they are an essential dimension of the creating? Abstractly, perhaps, you would say, why God of course, but that is a belief (and theology), which served a good purpose – that of giving an explanation when we were not yet able to more fully comprehend. The Original people did/do comprehend, instinctually, or we might say, ‘pre-comprehended’ as a way of Life, which makes this present comprehension, at a different vibration, possible.

However, I mean the question more immediately. We might, for example, say, well, no one holds this creating together. There is only the CREATED Earth and it is the function of civilization, and more deeply, culture, to hold what ‘God’ created, together. But, civilization and culture are a result, not a cause – and any true culture is long gone – and civilization is now crumbling – so these two are certainly not holding it all together. And both are crumbling because we have no imagination, no myth of ongoing creating. What was just spoken of above is the Myth of America, and shows the purpose of America, not for itself, but its universal purpose!. If we cannot enter into “holding it all together” – as Elders, then the whole of culture is gone (nearly done), and the whole of civilization is gone (nearly done too), and the whole of Earth is gone (on the way to happening).

You may be wondering about other Indigenous peoples — Australian, Amazon, Mexican, African, Brazilian, Columbian, Philippine, Guatemalan, Mongolian…….

We have to give attention to the strange world “America” “Americanus”, after Amerigo Vesspucci who made two trips here (actually South America) – and as Edgar Allen Poe said: “South America is “America” and will insist upon remaining so.” That is, the name of America originates there. Amerigo Vesspucci certainly did not come to America – he came to the NEW WORLD! The NEW WORLD, the world — the Earth in the always happening process of creating, where to be ‘Indigenous” means to be within and aware of Earth/creating happening, not already happened. People who are aware within this reality are ‘Indigenous Americans’, forever indebted to the Original Indigenous Americans, who are our true teachers, or were destined to be until they were decimated, a decimation making a place where there is no ‘here here’. But, those who hold the stories – like the Hopi, the Pueblo, the Zuni and many others in other parts of this land, are still our teachers.

Instead of Elders who are present with the ongoing bisexual creation of Earth happening every moment, a presence that holds it all together, civilization believes a God ‘outside’ the creation itself created earth, which is right – but this belief DID NOT extend into a ‘giant’ act of love-making, creating Earth, without which Earth is an excretion rather than an expression.

And our strongest present-day belief of what keeps it all going….. consumerism and, replacing the true myth,  the concocted myth of family. I remember, for it was not very long ago, when suddenly, everything of this civilization became about family – family is now everything – it does not matter if one’s family is functional or dysfunctional – we have put the work of holding Earth together onto something that absolutely cannot hold it together.

Father Sky and Mother Earth replaced by father and mother as the center of life. The impossible goals of the family, under the head of father and mother, subverts initiation into Elderhood as sacred participation in the soul bi-sexual creating, and instead endlessly extends family into either personal individuation or rebellion – which is why there is nobody to replace our self-focus! That is why we cannot say that God holds it all together. “God” cannot be anything more than an abstraction in a time when everything, is us-focused, and world means millions of individuals, held very tenuously, mostly not at all by father/mother – who, in this scenario can never be gotten away from – as there is nothing else.

We have not kept up with vibrational evolution. The ‘old’ center of will and power and fear has to, by a work of contemplation, become centered in the center of the head, that great Stillness of Listening, receiving the divine – which can be contemplatively practiced, for example, whenever survival fear is felt ‘down there’.

The ‘old’ center of reproduction and emotion, has to, by a work of contemplation, become centered in the place of speaking, the place of the creative-word, whenever currents are felt in this old region of the body-awareness.

The ‘old’ center of attraction coupled with possessiveness has to, by a work of contemplation, become centered in the all-present, never possessing, Love of the heart, when currents are felt in the old region of body-awareness.

Such new body-awareness does not deaden those other three centers of body-awareness but puts them under a new signature.






The Soul of America: New Beginnings 35

(Hilma Af Klint – Altarpiece)


Indigenous Awareness Now. How?

(First, a short note concerning the posting of this blog. While some people suggested that it would be good to establish a closed group, I have decided to continue to announce the blog on facebook with the requirement of going to the blog of the website. There is a place on the blog for comments, and responses to comments can also be incorporated there. I encourage people NOT to comment on facebook as that leads to grunting. Still, there is importance in posting this level of writing on facebook as the vibration is then within the etheric wholeness, maybe bringing a slight balance. It does not take much. (If someone throws a baseball into the air, the whole cosmos immediately readjusts to come into balance with this ‘disturbance’ of the Whole. )

Awakening to the indigenous soul happens in the now rather than engaging in a fantasy of going back to the awareness of the Original people that are this land. The awakening concerns recovering a central vibration of the indigenous soul —  Elder Awareness – the particular kind needed in this time is EARTH ELDERING.

There are no elders any longer because they were eliminated with the Original people of this land; elderhood goes together with the indigenous soul — the capacity of Wisdom, of holding the past as present, and also the future as present, and taking up permanent residence within the center of the triangular creating vortexes developed in the earlier blog, and receiving the responsibility of holding the Whole together. 

Elders are not ‘the old people’. Age does not exist until the elders are excluded from culture; then culture begins the long process of descending into mere civilization — without the gods, without values, without inherent living morality, without the sense of the presence of the dead, the ancestors. Without these qualities, people who are more ready to accept the responsibility of elderhood, instead become the discards of civilization, or they try to continue as loyal consumers, living in ‘old age’ homes, something like living on a perpetual cruise ship; or, more commonly, like those who have been stripped of consumerhood and live destitute.

Without elderhood, a very particular kind of bodily presence of the spirits, human experience, is founded on three levels of, let us call it ‘vibration’:

Bodily oriented will which inwardly lives as the impulse of survival, and fear as primary (what is being enacted in the world now), and power as the way of surviving, individual and group ‘me-me’ power. 

The second orientation is physically oriented creation – experienced narrowly as the sexual impulse, more widely as creating material things and feeding them with more material things, motivated by unconscious sexual desire.

The third orientation is relating, accompanied by the urge toward possession. Religions try to work with this state, teaching, in various forms ‘let go and let God’ —  institutional religion has become  governed by this level of relating — and so seeks to control others through the power of providing paradoxical images of showing the way out of this quite narrow existence — a way out that is not really a way out; let’s call it faith or belief in a way out, utilizing documents, which if understood and truely lived are a way, not out, but through, revealing that the ‘promised land’ is already here. Where is here? Where the Original people of this land lived. (I don’t mean New Mexico, though I do love it here as there is, unlike LA, here here); it is an imaginal ‘here’; that is, where you are, but soul-felt and expressed.

The Wholeness of consciousness was/is lived by the Original people — at the vibration of instinctual awareness. However, I am not going to fall into the trap here of talking about levels of consciousness and its attendant error of placing instinctual consciousness at the bottom. 

The Whole, vibrates complexly, and does so with different emphases at different time periods. BUT we are never without the vibratingly living Whole. The difficulty, in fact, is that this civilization, since the beginning, with the capturing of Original people and making them into slaves, had the aim of destroying the wholeness inherent in instinctive awareness, and we thus have, ever since, lived out of balance. Destroy the Whole and you can control the parts.

Here is the set of vibratory awarenesses:

Instinctive, Sense, Spiritual, Cosmic, Christ awareness. Anthropologists tend to think somewhat this way (truncating it – for they don’t speak of Christ Consciousness — in a moment, I’ll describe that as being fully human, so it is necessary to let go of concepts and theologies of Christ. The listing is incomplete, and the missing awareness is ELDER CONSCIOUSNESS — which holds the Whole together: Instinctive, Sense, Elder, Cosmic, Christ Awareness. And these modes are not hierarchical!

Short characterizations of the Vibration of the Whole:

Instinctive – earth-oriented consciousness. Everything the body needs to fulfill its desires – physical, emotional and spiritual desires, it borrows from the earth and returns to the earth. A bodily feeling-consciousness. I don’t mean ‘emotional’ or ‘reactive’ – as in ‘having a feeling’. Feeling consciousness is more like knowing through bodily ‘vibration’.

Sense – We are still mainly within this modality of consciousness. The term ‘sense’ here does not mean consciousness is confined to sensation; thinking is also present, but the ‘range’ of thinking capacities is mostly tied to the desires and needs of the concept-body (what we think of as body is not body-as-lived, but a physiological, biological concept), and thus of using Nature for our purposes. 

Spiritual –  The incorporation of spirit happens through rhythm, silence and motion. in rhythm, and thus reveals itself in the world as artistic – painting, music, poetry, literature, sculpture — not to be taken literally, but imaginally –for example, listen to the symphony of this writing –all of which are the greatest cause of bringing love into the world. And it has to do with the rhythms of the heart. With human beings, rhythm induces inner thinking, reducing the primacy of outer sensing. Inner thinking does not mean ‘mind chatter’ – it is meditative. but ongoing, not just the practice of meditation.

Elder -completely receptive awareness that serves as an invisible repository of cultural and philosophical knowledge, serves as the transmitters of such Wisdom, including basic beliefs and teachings, encouragingfaith inthe Great Spirit, Father/Mother.Elders emphasize listening and not asking WHY.There isn’t any word in Elder language for “why.” “Why” takes us out of presence into mentalness. It is not listening to them, but to their listening.

Cosmic the complete severance of sensation from Consciousness. It is the full illumination of soul/spirit – consciousness in the purity of LIGHT. It is completely transformative, immediately. God’s Light of all-knowledge is revealed. “I and the Father are One.” It is also immediate and full knowledge of immortality.

Christ – This modality attests to the possibility of EVERY individual attaining Cosmic Consciousness – that is, the possibility of cosmic-earth consciousness, an illumination like cosmic consciousness – that endures while one lives within the world, a state of Universal Oneness. And, this consciousness is already present, and, with the presence of Elder Consciousness this completeness of consciousness can be engaged, now.

With the vibration of Wholeness – which simply means ‘being here’, the three levels of ‘existence’ spoken of above – physically inspired will, physically inspired creating, and physically inspired relating shift to a different predominance of basic human vibration:

Physically inspired will becomes inward listening, receiving, intuition, fully bodily, centered in the mysterious ‘cave in the center of the head’, though permeating thoroughly bodily, and even personality, to enter the world. 

Physically inspired creating, through desire-purification becomes creating through the ‘word’, rhythmic, non-rational, immediate, imagistic, artistic, giving and re-giving. Such creating from soul is carefully cared for and brought, through being body, into the world.

Physically inspired relating and its attendant desire for possessiveness become inner stillness, listening, receiving, heart awareness and the power of non-doing doing, relating with the all-pervasive rhythms of Nature. (This opens a central concern which will be addressed later with practices – can contemplative consciousness ‘do’ anything.)

Still, without Earth Eldering working to awaken the full range of awareness, Wholeness of knowing, results in leaving the Earth. With Earth Eldering, that is the indigenous soul resonating now, ALL modes of awareness resonate together like a harp.  For the Original people, this harp resonated from the key of instinctual awareness —  Wholeness as all the awareness modalities was nevertheless present. And, if it is possible to listen so deeply to the soul presence that Elder awareness begins to resonate, then the whole harp of awareness will resonate from the key of Now – somewhere in the octave of deep stillness forming a new kind of thinking, rhythm forming a new kind of making, and relating as if Earth mattered.