The Soul of America: New Beginnings 25

More on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the New Earth


This overlay of Earth Geometry onto the image/icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe is from the remarkable work of Earth geometer, Peter Champoux ( It depicts another — or additional — reading of the appearance of Lady Guadalupe.

In the last blog, I spoke of Our Lady of Guadalupe as an appearance of Coatlique, the Earth Mother. Lady Guadalupe appeared at the exact place of an ancient site of the Earth Mother in Tepeyacac, Mexico.
This is a new revelation of Mother Earth, revealing the spiritual evolution of Mother Earth, one we are to connect with at this time of spiritual-Earth evolution. Contemplate these words in Peter Champoux’s description of the geometric patterns. These patterns are not arbitrary, but it would be too much to go into here. See Peter Champoux’s booklet, “The Ark of Antero: America’s Sacred Landscape”, which shows the exact region of the American landscape that reveals this vibratory pattern — an area from the Spanish Peaks in Southern Colorado (where the Spanish captured the Ute Original People and took them up the mountain and made them carry gold down and then slaughtered them). From the Spanish Peaks, the vibrancy of Lady Guadalupe extends north, past the San Luis Valley and Crestone, Colorado, where the largest aquifer in America lies, to Mount Antero. (I lived all last year near the Spanish Peaks and was born and grew up in that region, and returned after sixty years away).

Notice and perhaps contemplate these parts of the description written by Peter Champoux below the image above:

l. “There is a rising up of humanity.”
2. “being activated through the shining solar disk of her prayerful hands.”
3. “The Noblewoman dispenses her Grace to and draws the Earth to a higher level of being.”
4. “This icon heralds the arrival of the Sixth Sun, ( the next level of the arising of spiritual-Earth in Mayan Myth), the Sun of Flowers.”
5. “With spirit wings grounded in the mud (notice the angel, who is Michael, emerging from the Earth, who seems to
      support Lady Guadalupe), and her arms embracing this new sun, we connect heart to heart with the Great Mother.”

The three-dimensional depiction to the right of the image of Lady Guadalupe above best expresses the emerging of Lady Guadalupe from the Earth, with ascending Light, which burst forth from her hands, at the place of the heart as she looks down. Descending Light comes from the cosmic spirit realm above.

This new, emerging Spiritual-Earth requires our engagement to manifest. Its occurrence has happened, its manifestation has not — that is a long process and does not happen without our conscious participation. The manifestation was also greatly delayed by the capturing of this appearance by the Catholic Church, turning it, certainly into a reverence for Our Lady, but the Earth aspect was totally ignored. In the next blog I will show how evident the Earth connection is; indeed that it is a first showing of spiritual-Earth.

Why you might be wondering — if this emerging of the New Feminine Earth is now occurring, why
America seems to be in such bad shape, so removed from Earth, so caught in division, so caught in egotism, and in
such a difficult decline? Why can’t we notice what is happaning?  It is all ——

The Forces of Greed

Quiet, Silence, Stillness, Earth-Reverence
Required to embody and manifest the radiance of Spiritual-Earth

The Soul of America: New Beginnings 24

Who is at the Center of the Underworld: The True Source of the Soul of America

The Original “Me Too” Lady

In these blog entries, I try to work imaginally, mythically, feelingly – rather than literally and historically. And, I try to avoid speaking in opinions, relying on an inner consistency of image-patterning as the guide. Language gets in the way, terribly, particularly given that the English language favors mind-oriented, rational–oriented ways of taking things literally, and we tend to be unfamiliar with the manner images form the psyche, and thus the way we perceive the world, and we remain unconscious of there being anything governing what we perceive and think other than perhaps social factors.

Given the situation, and still trying to speak of soul and Earth and how we live, I thank those who are staying with this work, immensely. And, even more, thank you who have commented, and are going through what is essentially a transformation process.

The more difficult part of the blogs concerns reading as inner listening. Listening from the place of the heart, listening to body/heart resonances. Facts and history and thinking are more like the materials for the making of something imaginal. If you pay attention only to the materials, you will miss the picture-making.

The last blog made a long sweep – from High Tor, NY, through 9/11, and down to the Trinity site of the first atomic bomb, and the resonance  of the original loss of the heart of America through the literal and brutal ritual of tearing the heart from the breast of captured native people by the Aztecs and offering their hearts to the Sun, expecting a material return. The Aztec people were invaded by the Spaniards who slaughtered them, leading to this degradation of the imaginal heart… of the Americas. It is as if the Aztec people became infected with the impulse of greed.

Return in imagination to our earlier story of the Spanish Conquistadors. Remember that after their devastation of the Original People, they, under the leadership of Cortez, returned to Spain. This was around 1520. Some ten years later, around 1531, he was going to lead another expedition to Mexico, and surely enacting another phase of genocide, reaching into America. In 1531, however, in Tepayacac, Mexico, Lady Guadalupe appeared. Cortez did not return to Mexico for another round of killing the Aztecs and the Original people of America.

This moment marks the seeding of the soul of the Americas. Lady Guadalupe tells the Aztec people to go back to their roots and to their origin, the Great Mother Coatlique. Mother Earth. Coatlique, a virgin mother, now represented as Lady Guadalupe, originates the soul of the Americas. At this time, 1531, she appears in a form coherent with Christianity that now dominated, and in a form needed for the future. Our destiny in America requires coming to meet and see and experience the darkness of greed, originating at a different level of the Underworld than Coatlique.  That different level than Coatlique arises here in America at the place of High Tor in New York, the region of tears and grieving. Later we will take up the theme of grieving, yet again, with the Iroquois of the far northeast. Their mythic story centers in the redemption of grieving, that is, honoring grieving —- and their way of life, of community, which explicitly formed the background of the Constitution of the United States. Thus, the soul of America —- the creating, that in-forms what we perceive as America, concerns the deep feminine presence of the Earth spirit, encountered through grieving.

The Catholic hierarchy has always been good at taking over the gods and goddesses of a land, covering them over with a ‘Christian look’, to convert the Original people to Catholicism. This too happened with Lady Guadalupe. Nine million people converted to Christianity at the time of the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This minimal work with Coatlique–Our Lady of Guadalupe is an important image. We do not want to throw out, yet again, Earth-spirit, which happens if we are unaware of the continuity between Coatlique and Lady Guadalupe, but we also do not want to return to the old by disregarding Lady Guadalupe and seeing the ‘old ways’ — but rather, to see the old in new ways.

The Original people would seem to accept the Christian stories and figures, but most often would retain, in secret, their own spirituality. There was enough in common with the Earth people and the images of Christianity that they could easily seem to be Christian while retaining their ways.

Try, in a relaxed manner, to see this image of Lady Guadalupe as Earth-oriented rather than Sky oriented, even though her cloak bears the images of the constellations.Another Codex which carefully describes the event is quite explicit in saying she emerges from the earth. Her image, now in the Cathedral in Mexico City — is also actually a codex — a code to be read. I may work with this code in several blog entries; for now, feel the way she emerges from Earth rather than being ‘plopped down’ from heaven. (To read this quite astounding account of Coatlique and Lady Guadalupe, see: The Aztec Virgin: The Secret Mystical Tradition of Our Lady of Guadalupe by John Mini.)

There is a reason for my speaking of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” as “Lady Guadalupe”. The former carries both the sense of possession — as if she is ‘ours’; the second, more significant reason concerns staying close to Earth-spirituality and being clear about the difference between ‘Earth-spirituality’ and ‘Sky-spirituality’. We, even if we do not practice any particular spirituality are within the prevailing ‘Sky-spirituality”. That is, we think of all things spiritual as ‘up-there’ somewhere. “Up-There” is certainly a metaphor, not to be taken literally, but, it is a metaphor of ‘not-being-here”. My use of the name “Lady Guadalupe” keeps our imagination close to the Mother of Earth-Spirituality.

Coatlique, also, at this site in Mexico, she who is also named Tonantzin, given in this time, 1531, as Lady Guadalupe, is the Black Madonna of the Americas. She points the way to the origin of the American Earth-Cosmos, to Earth reverence. And she displays the manner, the way, the only way of coming to the core of the soul of America – by falling into her arms; that is, the only way to her is through grief.

Grief is not the result of experiencing the death of someone near – that is mourning. Grief comes when ego loosens and/or dissolves, for then we are in the midst of the truth of life as joyous/sorrowful, simultaneously. It is the way of being humus-beings, that is …of earth.


The Soul of America: New Beginnings 231/2

An Interim Video – James Hillman on Greed in America


As I work, and wait, for the wording to arrive for the next blog entry, one that will end this section of engaging the Soul of America and pivoting into a
a new section of the work, I post this video of an interview with my dearest friend, James Hillman — that addresses greed and our ‘culture’.

Next blog installment in a few days.


The Soul of America: New Beginnings 23


Approaching the Soul of America

The architecture of New York City, that of Wall Street and that of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza present pictures — images if held interiorly — of the Underworld of greed in contrast to the now opening Underworld that may
be the true source of the Soul of America! In this blog installment, I will work with the architectural images here and next time I will go more deeply into the imagination of the true soul of America.

I mentioned some time ago that the School of Spiritual Psychology did a soul retreat with a group of people to High Tor, and included a picture of Manhattan from the top of High Tor. The extraordinary contemplative sense of seeing Manhattan from High Tor was the strong and deep feeling that what was ‘over there’ in the distance, was at the same time right where we were standing at High Tor. And the experience was that of being in a holy place, not unlike the feeling one has in a place like Chartres Cathedral.

We later went into Manhattan — first to 911 Memorial Plaza and then to Wall Street. Two images of Wall Street — The Trump Building and the image of looking toward the end of Wall Street seeing Trinity Church Wall Street – the Episcopal Church. Here we are again TRINITY — in the last blog I spoke of the place of the detonation of the first Atomic bomb, the site called TRINITY — which is the opening into the anti-Trinity Underworld.  Look, at these two images — Trinity Church Wall Street, and The Trump Building:

We did a contemplation — first with the Tump Building — this was in 2014 — long before Donald Trump had decided to run for president, as far as we knew. A quite strange experience occurred in the contemplation of the Trump Building, one that is pretty difficult to describe. The contemplation of the Trump Building was just like the experience at High Tor — the same kind of vibration — except without the holy sense that occurred at High Tor. And the contemplation of Trinity Church Wall Street was ‘flat’ — that is no particular holy sense, and no particular vibration — it was as if it were, as a vibratory phenomenon, ‘dead’, as if its radiance had bee usurped by Wall Street. Just descriptive. It is as if what was once alive as public spiritual presence is now usurped by an different kind of towering presence — that spiritual desire and longing has been replaced by desire for greed. Not just the Trump Building; it is one manifestation of the towering aspirations of greed. Greed is also not ‘bad’; it is a very important force, and lives within the soul of every human being — It is something we must all meet and, only when it goes beyond its boundaries and takes over — then it becomes destructive.

But, something else is also happening in “Manna-hata”. Let us go a few blocks, a very few, to 911 Memorial Plaza — a different Underworld.

The fountains of 911 Memorial Plaza do not spray water up. The cooling waters go into the Underworld (when this place is ‘seen’ imaginally).

Then, right across the street, there was another church — that was destroyed on 9/11, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Later, in 2013, a new church was started, with a startling design by
the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The design of the church is remarkable. At night, the light within the church shines through the stone walls of the church. Here is the design — not a tower pointing upward, but a very feminine downward motion — of the veil of Mary – Calatrava was very well aware of this:


In December, 2017, the church was not yet completed, and this was reported in the news:

“Severe financial mismanagement has prompted the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America to stop work on its St. Nicholas shrine at the World Trade Center.

The archdiocese, which raised $37 million in donations to pay for the Santiago Calatrava-designed shrine, ran out of funds, the New York Times reported. “Effective Dec. 5, 2017, Skanska USA has terminated its contract with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America on account of GOA’s defaults in making payments,” Thomas Perry, the director of the project, wrote in a letter sent to subcontractors.”

“Severe financial mismanagement”— translate this as saying greedy planners, contractors, and management somehow took over, and the motion of ‘down and inward’, which is where America must go to find its soul
has been thwarted — at least for now. Or….. perhaps this Mary is a resonance of a divine feminine being in the Underworld, and this Mary points the way but is not the way? More on this next time.

Look closely at the photo of the church design above and then this icon of Mary. See how her form, from the place of the heart, becomes the form of the church — which not only
constitutes an imagination of a downward movement, but that this downward movement is also a movement into the body — the movement down rather than ‘up and out’, as is the case
with most religions and most forms of meditation. Watch the video below closely to see the relation of Mary to the form of the church.

Click on this link:

Then, there is one further image, another aspect of 9/11 Memorial Plaza, and another design by Santiago Calatrava. It is the Transit Hub. I saw the original designs of this hub. They were spectacular — a glass building that clearly, clearly evoked the presence of an angel. The city, however, made Calatrava re-design the building numerous times, claiming that his original design carried too many security risks. The hub is now completed. Here is what it looks like:


It is an astounding monstrous deviation from the original design (I looked everywhere for a photo of the original design and has been wiped away from every website). It is now finished, eight years behind schedule and at a cost of 4 billion dollars, twice the 2 billion estimate.

Still, it is imaginally significant — as it does not appear to be an angels so much as a fallen angel!